AAR: TC3 14 Mar 2014 – BBQ’d


AAR TC3 3/14/14

Having never been in any type of military service due to physical injury, this class and the information covered was totally new to me. In truth, the addition of this class was the final inducement needed to insure my enrollment in Max’s CCRD course.

Of course like most things you can get the basic ideas, concepts, etc. from Max’s book on the subject but that information is in no way a substitute for hands on directed training. Even though I had read Max’s writings on the subject, working under his direct tutelage was of great and worthwhile benefit especially considering the paltry sum of $50 for an 8 hour course. You do the math, what’s your life or the life of a loved one worth to you?

Instruction offered included procedures to utilize in the event one of your personnel sustains a battlefield injury. Time frame and procedures covered include from when your man goes down, your arrival to aid him, and then onto his removal from the “X” to a more secure location for further evaluation and care. Max was necessarily blunt in his relating the fact that many of the injuries under such circumstances are NOT survivable. However, that in no way reduces YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take every step possible to ready yourself to care for your brothers in liberty should the need arise and this course is invaluable in that most noble cause.

A couple of notes to self before I move on;

1. After you drag your buddy off the “X”, in my case it was Andy Taylor, don’t leave him at an obtuse angle with his feet half way up a hill.

2. When you take the bandage out of the package don’t let it unravel on to the ground because it’s a hell of a lot easier to put on when you don’t have to untangle it.

3. Lose more weight your buddies, especially Common Core, will thank you.

If I had a suggestion for Max it would be that after initial instruction, allow more student participation in the assessment, direction, and critic of the process with your soft hand gently guiding them though the process. If that fails a boot up the arse works just fine. That being said, while understanding this was the FIRST time the TC3 course was offered and remembering my somewhat limited perspective, things went very well.

In the end there is no magic wand from this course to offer you, there is only my assessment that if you have not already taken a similar course gets off your arse and get it done. Never forget we do not do these things for ourselves but out of our duty to those around us.


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