AAR: Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) 2 May – BC

AAR: Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) 2 May – BC

Having completed the TC3 and CRCD classes on the weekend of May 3 / 4, I wanted to give special mention to Max’s newest addition to the training cadre, Aaron. Aaron has recently started to provide training in the MVT camp, and he is an outstanding individual, who reflects properly on the vision which MVT offers to its trainees – competent, focused no BS training in SUT tactics.

Aaron ran the Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) for us on Friday afternoon, and overall it was an excellent prep class for the CRCD to follow. I had signed up thinking it would be a good refresher in rifle manipulation, with perhaps some new topics presented on problems and shooting positions.

In reality it was a wake up call for how much better I “could” be at rifle manipulation “if” I learned more (read failure drills), “and” I practiced more. Aaron took some preliminary square range concepts and ramped the volume up to about 10 in the intensity level. I won’t tell you how, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise when you take the class. You are registered for the class, right?

He also expertly demonstrated the five major types of stoppages – ones which you’ll probably encounter in the CRCD class, combat or life in general.

In fact – with the exception of only one type of stoppage, I suffered all of them at various times in the CRCD class the next two days. So, these skills aren’t “nice to have’s”, they are MUST HAVE’s. I found I could have done much better in fixing them during the class, hence the need to practice this stuff on your own. The point is, Max and Aaron are teaching important, real world skills, which might just save your ass some day, if you know how to respond. Even when it’s dark outside…

So to sum things up, take this training if you’re going to take the CRCD class. Take it even if you aren’t. Trust me, you need Aaron’s expert feedback and training skills. He’ll prep you properly for the CRCD class, and will make you a better rifleman/riflewoman in the process.

Thanks again Aaron for your great teaching and for your awesome attitude. Hope to see you again soon.