AAR Oct 26/27 2013 CRCD – Kurt

AAR: After Action Report

I wanted to wait to write this AAR to let all I learned and my thoughts soak in.

In a word the training was: Awesome

Max is the real deal. A no nonsense patriot. A Brit that is more a patriot, and working to equip patriots, more than most natural born Americans.

There was a varied group of guys from all over the east coast and one from Wyoming.

Gear: I was happy with how my gear performed with a small exception. My rifle trigger group pins were walking out. I knew about this prior and upgraded to anti walkout pins. This didn’t help when the screws that held the pins in fell out and the pins began walking worse than before. At the start of training I ran into some catastrophic failures on my rifle that would have taken it 100% out of the fight in SHTF. Luckily someone had some Blue Locktite and I was able to continue training. The frustrating thing is that 2 weeks before training I ran over 200 rounds through my rifle without incident. I wasn’t the only one running into problems with their rifle so that made me feel better.

SO my #1 tip is get your weapons squared away a day or 2 before you come and KNOW that it won’t fail.

I was running a Condor Ranger harness. Very happy with it.

THE COLD: I wasn’t ready for this. I had a coat and that wasn’t the problem. My legs were stiff as a rock after driving 4 hours to arrive. The cold made it much worse. DO NOT DO THIS. Spend the money. Drive the night before. Stay at the Cool Wink Motel. You’ll be glad you did. And you will not be dead tired. The only reason I didn’t do this was I had family in from CA and it would have meant loosing almost a whole day with them.

Fitness: If you’ve read any of Max’s stuff( … a.html?m=1 ) you know he doesn’t like “fat asses” His words not mine. I’m almost 40 and am not a “fat ass” . But you wouldn’t have known it on day 1. I spent the entire month of October rucking my gear, running up and down hills, and working to get in real shape. For some reason ( I blame cleaning the yard at my wife’s behest and the early drive combined with the cold ) My legs were in excruciating pain and stiffness. Almost debilitating. I was tripping all over myself day one. Something that frankly really pissed me off. I’m thinking “what’s the damn point of getting in shape? ” Day 2 was better.

Guess what I’ve brought away from the weekend? NEED MORE PT. and I’ve already started working that into my weekly team level training and my personal fitness.

The Training: Locally, for a while we have been working patrol tactics into our training regimen. I thought that there was something missing. There was. ALL our reacting to contact was to fight through. We never once thought to fight away from. Bad way to go. What if we came into contact with a superior force? If we had continued in our training that way we would have charged over the hill to our deaths some day, having engrained stupidity into our training.
Max helped fix/undo some of that in my mind. As had his book “Contact”

Training was Crawl,Walk,Run as it should be. Max worked us as Individuals, then paired us off, then as 2 teams of pairs. His equipment is amazing. I wish I could afford just one of the many reactive moving targets he had. You’ll never know how hard it really is to spot one till you train with max. But this is why we train. To find our weaknesses and to learn new things. Another great hands on visual was the “bunker assault” on day 2. Think those radios will help you fight through? When 10 guys are shooting rapid suppressive fire on the enemy? Better learn hand signals.

Observations: Max is no nonsense when it comes to safety. If you a “safe queen” square range shooter (someone that takes his shiny black rifle out 2x a year and burns a whopping 100 rounds off) You better get some tactical range training and square your weapons manipulation away. Get some high pressure shooting under your belt. Not to say that Max can’t fix “some” of this. But if you’ve never run an AR before and don’t own one…stay home. And LISTEN to Max, it’s his range and he knows what he is doing. This training is for serious shooters. People that want to take their training up a notch from the square range to the real world. If that isn’t you then stay home. You’ll leave open slots for those that want to come.