AAR Nov 9/10 2013 CRCD – J (anon)

AAR Nov 9/10 Training  follows:

1.  You will not be coddled.  Tested? Yes.  Challenged? Yes.  Overwhelmed?  No.  Unable to meet the challenge?  Not at all.  Walk Then Run is a valid teaching concept.  The tactics taught are simple to execute and will work in almost every situation- you react and then either fight through or withdraw (and set up a nasty surprise for your pursuers)  Simple and elegant.
2.  Max is still a Brit.  As such, he is polite, listens and instructs rawther (sic) than criticizes.  I was my harshest critic.  Max is a professional;
3.  There is not enough oxygen in West Virginia which will test your PT or lack thereof;
4.  The hills are a bit steep which will test your PT or lack thereof;
5.  You’ll get to do a lot of shooting and moving and communicating and it will be very different from my previous 5 -day SWAT training (8 years ago) conducted on a square range- more rewarding too;
6.  Your learning curve will be very steep, indeed;
7.  The Koolwink motel is recommended;
8.  El Puente II makes some of the best Mexican food on the East coast;
9.  It is refreshing to find that you are not alone in your concerns about future events.

Summary:  Get this training now, while you still can.