AAR: CRCD 26/27 Apr – Phoenix

If you want my “Max Is Awesome” post look at my October AAR. He is awesome. But that’s not what I wanted to focus on here.

As usual the take away is more PT. Specifically endurance for me. I don’t fancy myself some sort of bad ass, high speed, front line guy. I’m just a patriot. But come the day I have to fight I will and I’m glad I’m taking advantage of training that can in part prepare me for that day.

One of the guys measured his distance traveled and said that over the weekend we traveled around 7 miles. This done over rough hilly terrain up and down hills.

I figured we engaged in over 7 different simulated battle scenarios. I’m sure it was more if you count day 1′s training.

Total rounds expended for myself was just under 500 rounds. It would have been more had I not worked really hard to control myself and deliver “appropriate fire” on the enemy.

Total round count for the 12 of us would be around 6000 rounds expended.

Is it worth the cost? I don’t mean the training, the answer to that is yes. Specifically I’m talking about in the real world.

Are you aware of the cost of engagement? The cannibal biker gang is in your AO wreaking havoc, what do you do? Burn up ammo and possibly incur casualties in the process? Or take a more stealth and targeted approach to the problem. I think this weekend (my second training with Max) really opened my eyes to this calculation.

And to those that would scream for revolution please get some training and THINK before you clamor for this. I’m not saying it’s not necessary. But we are far from prepared for the coming storm.

The rest of the attendees were very squared away. It was good to see.

If you are thinking of taking a class from Max…Do It!!!!!