AAR #4: CRCD 1-2 Feb – KTL



I write this AAR now 2 days from my return from taking the CRCD class with Max Velocity Tactical in the beautiful hills of West Virginia and I still cannot wipe this [expletive] eating grin from my face.  I attended this course with 3 friends of mine from our prepper group/mutual aid group in Tennessee.  We train regularly and from time-to-time we attend training courses offered by professionals; this course by far has left a lasting impression on us all.  We went in expecting to learn a little and with the intention of getting this class out of the way so we could get on to the patrol course.  We left trying to figure out how we can fit another CRCD course in before and/or after the patrol course.
MVT has put forth great effort into creating a spectacular arena in which to train and a training regimen that somehow manages to take the trainee from basic to intermediate tactics over a period of 2 days.  Day 1 starts with classroom-style teaching with a whiteboard/dry erase markers and culminates with simple live-fire individual and buddy pair lessons.  Day 2 is more whiteboard teaching followed by a variety of individual, buddy pair, and team tactics; the grand finale is a squad level drill that definitely got the blood pumping.
Safety is conducted in a very common sense manner that instills confidence without making everyone feel like 5 year olds being handed their first Daisy BB gun; this was the first and foremost topic covered.  When larger numbers were participating, additional RSOs were brought in to assist with safety.
MVT’s demeanor in training was pleasant and not overwhelmingly demanding.  This was appreciated as it lent itself to a better learning environment sans drill instructor mentality.  Each drill was briefly followed by an assessment of both kudos and areas where improvement could be made; more than once an opportunity to remedy errors made was offered.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I respect the manner in which MVT was able to address the trainees in a way that was respectful and gracious while still maintaining the role of alpha dog.
Ammunition usage was above the recommended amount given by MVT, though this was probably more by personal choice than by requirement of the course.  Personally, I would recommend bringing about 800 rounds to avoid having to scale back towards the end of the second day.
I would recommend the Koolwink Motel to those who do not plan on camping on site at the training facility.  The rooms are clean and have free wifi as well as a mini-fridge.  There is a decent Italian restaurant as well as other food options in the area for post-training enjoyment.
More than anything else, what I would wish to impress on anyone reading this AAR who may be considering this course is this:  if you think you are already tactically squared away, you probably need this course.  If you are a novice who has little experience outside of a static and controlled range, you definitely need this course.  The level of PT needed for this class is not unreasonable, as it is only as demanding as you choose it to be; but that said, you can only get out of this class what you are willing to put into it.  The terrain is quite hilly and quite “slippy” when wet…all but break contact drills will be oriented in an uphill direction, so be prepared with proper footwear and a will to train hard.  That said, while you need not be superhuman to succeed in this course, couch potatoes and people who train via video gaming consoles will not fare very well.  Also, make sure your weapon is properly zeroed prior to arriving and if you run optics, be sure that they are mounted firmly and zeroed as well.  Not much sucks more than engaging multiple pop-up targets with a rifle that hasn’t been zeroed…except perhaps targets that shoot back.  Make the training work for you, the first step is to commit to attending, the next is the follow through.
My intention was to write an eloquent and glowing testimonial to the experience I had this weekend, I fear I have not done it justice.  I met great people from South Carolina and from Ohio as well, plus I had a chance to bond with my people from Tennessee as we endured the drive to and from on top of the training itself (which incidentally, if you arrive as a group of even numbers, you can count on training together exclusively).  I enjoyed the tutelage and company of both Max Velocity and his assistant F.  Two days out and still I view this experience as a memory I will forever cherish.  I am not some noob…I have trained countless hours and fired countless rounds.  This class was AWESOME.  That is all, over.
In liberty,
K. T. L.