AAR #3: CRCD 15-16 Mar 2014 – BrianD

MVT_Class_Photo_Mar 15 A

The March 15-16 2014 CRCD was my second CRCD, I took my first back in September. I came back with a buddy this time to work on teamwork. It was interesting to see the things that Max had added and embellished since my first class. He really does try to improve the training and the facility continuously. Nothing was identical. The tactics didn’t change; everything just got a little deeper.

I’m still amazed at how safe the class is. Max watches everything and he never lets any safety issue develop.

For anyone who is stalling while trying to justify the time and expense of Max’s class, I encourage you to stop second guessing and just go! You will learn a ton. Max’s training is directed firmly at reality, not on “tacticool” nonsense that does not translate to the real world. He teaches practical drills. You won’t run silly YouTube drills with rock music blaring. You WILL learn basic skills to stay alive and get things done.

You also don’t need a ton of special gear to run the course. Many people wear a full rack of gear for realism’s sake, but you really only need a way to carry a couple of magazines. We don’t use pistols for anything. Max is carrying all the first aid. You could even leave your water back at the schoolhouse. Just take the course. You’ll have a better idea of what gear to get afterwards. Our class photo shows 12 students with 12 different camo patterns and 12 different rigs. Classic irregulars, eh?

All the swell guns you have are nothing without training and PT. The class gives you a good reality check on where you need to be physically. I jacked up my workouts over the six months since my first class. It helped a lot, but not as much as I had hoped. The better your condition, the quicker you’ll move and the less of a target you’ll be.

There are many AAR’s about the CRCD classes. I challenge you to find one from someone who didn’t think it was worth it. All I can add is: skip getting another rifle for the safe and direct some resources to training.


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