AAR # 1 – CRCD Class 12/13 Oct

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October 12/13 Max Velocity Tactical CRCD – AAR

What a weekend! 24 hours round trip from Florida to West Virginia. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Day 1:

The day started with a safety brief. After the brief, Max outlined the day. the cornerstone to the weekend was RTR:

Return fire
Take Cover
Return Appropriate Fire

Every contact began with the RTR concept. So learn it well.

The first set of drills were individual on Range #1. Max uses this to gauge your proficiency with a rifle. He also uses this time to make sure you followed the safety brief given at the beginning of the day. Even if you’re doing everything right, you will hear “Apply safety catch and finger off the trigger” from Max as a friendly reminder. Max watches over the students very carefully. He expects students to be responsible. After all, we are preparing for SHTF, not a picnic so be serious when it comes to weapon manipulation.

Midway through the first day we began working in a buddy pair. In my case, my buddy was my dad. He was running an AK while I ran my AR. We probably shot around 300-330 rounds a day.

The buddy drills consisted of offensive movement toward an enemy position and breaking contact with an enemy position. Again, RTR was the foundation for every drill.

Remember, the lower you are the better. Also, communication is key. I made the mistake numerous times to simply yell my “moving” reply to the “move” command from my buddy or team leader without looking for them or projecting my voice in that direction. You must yell towards the buddy or team. If you don’t project towards your team, you might as well not say anything because it is loud and you must be heard above the noise. It is the key to survival for your team.

We cycled through buddy drills; Contact front, left, and right. Break contact front. Then we worked for a short time on peeling when faced with contact left and right. We finished the day in a 4 man team doing the same drills as we did in buddy pairs.

Keep one thing in mind – Max’s drills are simple. That’s the beauty of this course.

Day 2:

Day two picked up where day 1 left off except we moved to range #2. Range #2 is much larger and more complex than range 1. That becomes apparent rather quickly when you’re out of shape like I am. The day progressed with buddy pair drills and team drills. The distances at which targets were engaged was increased. I think the greatest distance was around 75 meters. The day culminated with a squad attack on a fixed position – the bunker. This was the best way to illustrate offensive movements on a larger scale. It was quite satisfying knowing we killed Ivan.

What Did I Learn?

A bunch.

1. I am woefully unfit. This became apparent on range #2. Thankfully, that is going to change. I have begun setting goals for becoming an asset to my group rather than a liability.
2. Single point slings are very good at allowing the muzzle of my rifle to fill with mud. It was better to un-clip the sling to maneuver with the rifle during drills.
3. It pays to have a handgun ready to go. During a drill, the muzzle of my rifle filled with mud and I had to transition to my handgun and engage the target to provide cover for my buddy while he fixed his stoppage.
4. I got better about putting spent mags in my dump pouch as the weekend progressed. So work on that.
5. You can actually load 31 rounds of 5.56 in both PMAGs and aluminum mags causing them to seat properly. It pays to count.
6. I had to change my super cool gear set-up because it was not as functional as I wanted. But my gear does work very well. My rifle ran flawlessly. I couldn’t have been happier with it. My optic though bit the dust. I guess that’s a good enough excuse to spend money on a better piece of equipment.
7. Communicate

The course was full. 12 students total. Our backgrounds ranged from sales to IT and from truck driver to former military and even a couple government workers. Read his books to get a jump start on the concepts.

Patriot Dawn : The Resistance Rises

Contact! A Tactical manual for Post Collapse Survival

It was great to be together with like-minded patriots training for the eventual collapse of our once great nation. It will be our duty to restore the Republic when that time comes. Max is the man to prepare you for such a time.

I will be back for another course once I drop weight. The middle of next year is what I’m shooting for.

Max – Thank you for all of your time and devotion. You ability to communicate tactics and relay constructive criticism after each drill was greatly appreciated. You always gave us something to improve upon.

See you again soon.