Student Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun: Aug 20-21 2016: Chris

MVT Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH) Aug 20-21
Instructed by Scott (‘First Sergeant’) at Max Velocity Tactical

I have been carrying a handgun since 1994, when I got out of the Marine Corps.  This was my first time training at MVT, but I have had some prior handgun training.

I believe that anyone who has a CCW should take training classes, the basic license class is just not enough.  You just don’t know what you don’t know.  This is a deadly serious responsibility carrying a gun, and you should pursue as much training as you can to try to achieve and then maintain a level of competence.

This class starts at the basics.  No matter what skill level you think you are, there is always something to learn by doing the basics.  I also believe there are no advanced techniques, only the basics done very well.  The force on force drills at the end of the second day really bring it all together.  Thinking and shooting is way harder than just trigger pulling.  I was surprised at how much training we got done in the 2 days, that speaks to a very efficiently run range and a solid lesson plan.

Regarding safety, I have been on a training range and seen a person shot, it is not something I ever want to do again.  Due to this I am absolutely serious about range safety, and I was very impressed at how Scott ran his range.  Little details on how a drill is taught and conducted can have huge impacts on the safety level, and the methods used at MVT are very refined and maximize safety while still teaching lessons.  The way that the Tueller Drill was conducted is a good example of this focus on safety.

Scott gave several different talks throughout the training days about gear, mindset, and tactics that were very informative and based on a vast level of experience.   His depth of knowledge easily went from quoting Col Cooper, to then discussing the latest fads on YouTube.  He also made himself available to his students for any questions they may have in the future, that’s a very sincere level of dedication from a teacher to his students and it seriously impressed me.

I have since taken another 3 days of training at MVT and remain impressed at the high level of quality, and the solid value of the training received.

Also, make sure to join the MVT forum, it’s only $25 yr and forum members get to park in the VIP parking lot, complimentary coffee, and free WiFi.


Next DCH Class: December 3-4 at the VTC, Romney, WV.