The TacGun Challenge!

Next TacGun Challenge: June 23 - 24 2018!


The TacGun Challenge is an two day competition event designed to holistically bring together the various aspects of TacGun. TacGun is a comprehensive adventure sport involving combinations of the following activities:

  • Combat Shooting
  • Precision Shooting
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Real Combat Tactics
  • Force on Force
  • Land Navigation
  • Physical Fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Performance under pressure
  • Communication
  • Personal growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Character development
  • Competition

There are 8 Core Events that will be tested at each Challenge. There are no training prerequisites, but competence at the core skills will be expected. The TacGun Challenge will be run as a team event (4 person teams). You can bring a team, or for individuals, teams will be allocated at the Challenge. Events will be conducted either as a team or as individual best effort, with the results collated to determine team placing.


There will be 8 Core Events. These events will consist of individual and team challenges. Tasks will be assessed both objectively and subjectively: individual events will be assessed for time and successful task completion; team events will be assessed for successful task completion, teamwork and effort.


  1. Tactical Fitness Test: 2-Mile Speed march
  2. Combat Shooting: rifle & handgun
  3. Weapon Manipulation
  4. Navigation
  5. Move Under Direct Fire: Team Assault
  6. Conduct Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  7. Team Casualty Evacuation
  8. CQB: High Threat Room Clearance


Day 1:

Tactical Fitness Test: 2 Mile Speed March

Competitors will wear a combat load  totaling 30 lb dry weight, plus water and rifle. The load weight will include the ammunition for the following Combat Shooting Competition. The MVT 2 mile course will be run an individual. The MVT course is hilly and more challenging than a standard 2-miler route:

Scoring: Individual best effort collated into team totals.

TacGun Patch Pass: Sub 30:00 minutes  

The 2-Mile Speed March is an individual best effort event, designed to simulate a rapid movement to relieve troops in contact. It is a physical and mental challenge that will asses an individual's aptitude for combat.  It tests physical fitness, heart and determination.           

Slings may be used on rifles, but the rifle must not be carried on the back or on/in the ruck. It must be carried either to the front of the body or at the trail.

Combat Shooting Qualification: The shoot takes place with a short break after the Tactical Fitness test. Time will be given to walk from the end of the course to the range, drink water, and form 5 man shooting details. This is designed to simulate combat and the stress of engaging the enemy after the 2-Mile approach march.

Ammunition/magazines required: 5 x 10 round magazines rifle, 1 x 10 round magazine handgun.

Course of Fire:

Short run onto the 50 yard firing point:

  • 10 rounds kneeling
  • 10 rounds prone

Total time from start of the run: 40 seconds including magazine/position change.

Advance to 25 yards on command. At the 25 yard point:

  • 10 rounds standing
  • 10 rounds kneeling

30 seconds including magazine/position changes.

Advance on command:

  • Ready up moving controlled pairs x 5 on command from 25 to 10 yards.

10 yards: on command, transition to handgun, 10 rounds 15 seconds.

Total rounds 60 (rifle 50, handgun 10).

TacGun Patch Pass: 48 hits in the scoring zone.


Weapon Manipulation: Perform an unknown malfunction drill on your rifle on the range, timed. This will be tested on the square range under pressure, with students being required to move to their weapon on the firing point, attempt to engage the target, and then clear the stoppage/malfunction that has been created on the weapon.

Navigate: MVT navigation course: use a map and compass, navigate point to point across country as a two man team. Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) and rifle, 30lb dry weight. To achieve a TacGun standard, you must achieve all 4 checkpoints within 3 hours. For the competition, team times will be collated.

Day 2:

Move under direct fire: Team Assault: This will be a team event utilizing UTM Man Marker Rounds. Teams will be given an objective to capture within boundaries. Live OPFOR will be used. Scoring will be based on time to seize the objective with penalty points for hits taken. Normal FoF rules for casualties / deaths will be observed.

Conduct Tactical Combat Casualty care (TC3) to Combat Lifesaver standard. Following the team assault, all team members will be regenerated and continue tactically in the lane to encounter a friendly casualty. The team will be assessed as a team in the speed and accuracy of TC3 MARCH protocols.

Team Casualty Evacuation: The team will evacuate a simulated casualty and continue along the lane. Team will be assessed on time to move the casualty to the evacuation point.

Close Quarter Battle: High Threat Entry & Clearance. Team will continue along the lane to the CQB site. They will conduct CQB Force on Target in pairs. This will consist of a run to the CQB site, break into tactical movement, and conduct two man clearance drills following a set sequence. The targets inside the room will be plates. Score will be worked out on time, with penalties for missed plates and also for any non-tactical actions.

2 Day Event Cost:

  • $250 class fees

  • $200 UTM ammunition.

  • Total cost: $450