Guidance on UTM Protective Equipment (PPE) & Equipment


  • AR15 Rifles Only - due to the supplied UTM replacement bolt. 
  • No left side ejector ports, due to the UTM bolt only working right side.
  • Optional - remove optics during CQB events, or cover, due to potential damage by UTM rounds. 
  • Your standard magazines will work with the UTM rounds. 
  • Ensure the barrel is pulled through completely dry and free of oil, and repeat after training every day.
  • Ballistic rated plates will be 'in play' during FoF, if worn. 

Personal Protection Equipment for UTM Force on Force Training:

The minimum of protection is as follows:

  • No exposed Skin
  • Ballistic Eye Protection, sealed without gaps.
  • Plus: No contact shots (less than 1 meter from muzzle)

Optional, recommended by UTM:

  • Loose clothing:
    • An outer layer of BDU style clothing is recommended.
    • 2 layers of loose clothing is recommend by UTM.
  • Military style helmet, either ballistic or bump, solid with no gaps / holes.
  • Groin protector/cup ‘recommended.’
  • Tactical / ballistic gloves.
  • Females: chest protector.
  • Body armor / plates / chest rig / tactical vest or similar to cover the chest area.

Additional Information:

  • We use Reduced Velocity Man Marker Rounds (RVR) @270 fps for CQB-specific classes.
  • We use the standard Man Marker Rounds (MMR) @370 fps for Force on Force Team Tactics and the Combat Leader Course.
  • Where the MMR are used, there is still CQB, in buildings and outside, and the potential for closer shots outside of contact shot range.
  • The purpose of the RVR is that during the CQBC, all contact is at close range, and thus we do not need the range / accuracy to fight out to the maximum range of MMR, which is 50 meters.
  • Whether RVR or MMR, all of this is safe at close ranges, if correct PPE is worn.

Gloves: Wear protective gloves with either plastic or leather-type protection. Additional protection over the knuckles is useful. Examples of decent protective gloves: Mechanix standard M-Pact. Mechanix M-Pact 3.

Ballistic Eye Protection: You must wear a ballistic goggle that leaves no gaps / is sealed to your face, with an appropriate goggle strap. Appropriate goggles include military issue / approved (APEL) certified to ANSI Z87+ impact protection / military APEL equivalent. Also, appropriate quality 'thermal' (double layer) paintball mask/goggle combinations that meet or exceed  ANSI Z87+ / ASTM F1776 (the paintball safety standard). You cannot take any risks with your vision, so make sure your eye protection is adequate.  Simple wrap-around shades do not suffice. 'Thermal' double layer goggles also provide a solution to fogging.

Eye/Face Protection:

We do offer the standard issue military UTM facial protection. You can ask for this at class if you wish. Students have reported finding it hard to breath through the air holes when conducting active SUT in the woods. The purpose of allowing students to bring their own PPE, is to enhance comfort and thus effectiveness  and learning during class. 

If you are doing FoF in the woods, a simple combo of a face gator / neoprene type mask, neck protector, with hat and ballistic googles will work. You must ensure that there are no gaps around the sides of your goggles which may permit a UTM round to enter.

If you want additional hard facial protection, which is recommended for CQB classes, you can wear an additional mesh mask over top of your face coverage, or a mask on its own if it provides sufficient coverage. Note that these often need to be bent and shaped to fit your face, they likely will not fit right out of the box. Mesh shields as shown below are sold at EVIKE.COM HERE.

Full face / ear protection:


Limited front face protection:

face mask



Students tend to wear a set of combat uniform along with their load bearing equipment of lite battle belt and either chest rig or plate carrier. Head protection is usually:

  • Military style helmet (bump or ballistic) along with eye protection and a mesh mask or gator.
  • Paintball-style mask/helmet combination. 

Link to Blog post on gear: 'Gear: The MVT Lite Fight Concept.'

It is your responsibility to ensure that any product that you bring to class meets the protection / ballistic rating / standards as laid out above.