Remaining 2016 Classes & 2017 Price Changes


We have some spots available on the remaining classes in 2016. All classes listed below have availability:

  • Dec 9 (Fri): MVT Run n Gun / FoF CQB
  • Dec 10 – 11 (Sat – Sun):  Force on Force (FoF) Team Tactics – this class may not happen due to minimum number requirements. If you send in a deposit for this class, you do so on the agreement that if it does not run, you will transfer the deposit to another MVT class of your choosing (so long as space is available). 

Sign up while you can!


I have been holding MVT Class prices down in order to make them accessible to people given the uncertain  times we live in. I have actually decreased prices to encourage people to train more days for the same price. Given that their are some spaces remaining on classes for the remainder of 2017, shows that many have not taken advantage of that. Class prices are greatly undervalued given that:

  • We offer a unique professional tactical training service that civilians cannot get anywhere else, not at the level that we offer at MVT.
  • We have a greatly improved and developed dedicated training facility offering electronic pop-up target systems for live fire.
  • We have invested in UTM force on force equipment and training scenarios that offer extreme training value.
  • We have better live fire training facilities and live fire opportunities than most military units have access to. This is why have have had, and will have more, Spec Ops units attending our training classes.
  • Where else can you do a live fire night raid on an enemy camp, in safe conditions?
  • Prices are going to move back up to true market value in 2017.

Given the training opportunities and low prices remaining in 2016, seize them while you can!

I have not yet written the full training schedule for 2017, but will be doing so over the next month. Classes that are already scheduled, such as Texas and the Combat Leader Course, will remain as they are.

We will be keeping alumni incentives. There will be an alumni discounted price for 2017 classes, probably at or similar to current prices, but you will only be able to get that price for a class if:

  1. You are an MVT Forum Member & Alumni.
  2. You bring a buddy to class – for which that buddy will get the alumni price, even if not an alumni.

Sign up for 2016 while you can! Become an alumni now at these great rates!