November 10 Price Increase: Lock in Current Rates as a Founding Alumni!



As our world and communities become increasingly dangerous, your family/tribe is counting on YOU to protect them and defend the values you hold dear. This is an incredible responsibility and one I know you take seriously. That’s why I am offering one final opportunity for YOU to get the training that could mean the difference between survival and… 
No more excuses – the stakes are too high and people are counting on YOU.
Make a booking for a class before Nov 10 (only a few slots remain in 2016) and you will LOCK IN FOUNDING ALUMNI RATES FOR LIFE!  


Effective Nov 10, MVT prices will be as follows, unless you are a Founding Alumni (see below: ALUMNI RATES):

Combat Team Tactics (3 Days): $675 – was $500 – book now for October / November 2016 at the old price.

(Rifle Skills will be cancelled for 2017).

Combat Patrol (4 days): $800 – was $650. None remaining for 2016. Texas Classes.

Night Fighting (NODF): $200 

FOF Team Tactics (2 Days) $450 + UTM ammo cost – was $350 – book now for December 2016 at the old price.

Note: you do not have to be an alumni of any other classes to attend Force on Force!

Combat Rifle Skills (2 Days): $450 – was $400 – book now for November 2016 at the old price.

Defensive Concealed Handgun (2 Days): $450  book now for December 2016 at the old price.




MVT offers extreme value because:

  • MVT offers a unique professional tactical training service that civilians cannot get anywhere else at the content or level offered at MVT.
  • Instructor to student ratios of 1:4, not more than 1:6.
  • We have a greatly improved and developed dedicated training facility offering electronic pop-up target systems for live fire.
  • We have invested in UTM force on force equipment and training scenarios that offer extreme training value.
  • We have better live fire training facilities and live fire opportunities than most military units have access to. This is why have have had, and will have more, SOF units attending our training classes.
  • Where else can you do a live fire night raid on an enemy camp, in safe conditions?

The 2017 training schedule will be out within the month. New prices will apply for 2017. Classes that are already scheduled, such as Texas and the Combat Leader Course, will remain as they are.




  • You are a Founding Alumni if you have trained or put down a deposit for a class prior to November 10 2016. If you are already an alumni, you become a Founding Alumni.
  • You are also a subscribed MVT Forum Member.
  • Also, if you are not an alumni yet, but you put down a $400 deposit, before the November 10 deadline, towards the yet-unreleased 2017 schedule, you can lock-in Founding Alumni status.
    • This includes anyone who has paid, or does pay before November 10th, $400 towards the 2017 Texas Classes or the April Combat Leader Course.
    • Or you pay a $400 deposit towards the coming 2017 class schedule.
  • Founding Alumni discount will be 20% off the class price. It can be claimed for classes at the new prices if:
    • You locked in Founding Alumni Status prior to November 10.
    • You are a current, subscribed, MVT Forum Member.
  • Additionally, if you are a Founding Alumni:
    • Bring a non-Founding Alumni to class, and get a further 20% discount off your class price – 40% total!




There are few spaces left in 2016 to lock in these rates, and become an alumni at the 2016 prices:

  • Nov 12 – 13 (Sat – Sun): Combat Rifle Skills – MVT West (Spokane, WA) – 6 spaces available.
  • Nov 12 (Sat): Night Firing – MVT West (Spokane, WA).



What is the Founding Alumni thing?

You are a Founding Alumni if you have already trained with MVT. Basically, I am grandfathering all current alumni in with a discount off the future training prices. I am doing this to be nice to all those that have trained over the past 3.5 years that MVT has been in operation. If you have already trained at MVT, you are now a Founding Alumni, and have to do nothing except come back and train!

What is the November 10 thing?

Because rates are going up, I am giving people  until November 10 to get themselves in as Founding Alumni, and earn the discount (20%) for life. It’s a last chance at becoming Founding Alumni and being locked into the 20% Founding Alumni discount. So if you have not trained yet, but:

  • Book and pay for a class before November 10.
  • That is book/pay only – the class may be scheduled after Nov 10.
  • Pay a $400 deposit towards the soon to be scheduled 2017 training schedule.
  • Booking any 2016 classes after Nov 10, and booking any of the currently scheduled classes in 2017, or paying a deposit ($400) towards the 2017 schedule (soon to be published – getting ducks in a row) BEFORE NOV 10, gets you Founding Alumni Status.

Once you lock in Founding Alumni Status, you get a 20% discount towards the new 2017 class prices (prices are in the linked original post). Also, if you as a Founding Alumni bring a non-alumni to class, a fresh student, you will get a further 20% to make a 40% discount off your class.

Those who book after November 10th as new students, going forward, will obviously become alumni but will not be considered Founding Alumni and will thus not get any discounts for repeat classes, barring special offers that I may put out (I never do).











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