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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        This is a quote from the Texas Aftermath: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! Thread.

        It seemed prudent to have a separate Thread in the Radio & Communication subforum.

        Zello has certainly proved very useful, despite many naysayers within the Amateur Radio community.

        The biggest argument against has been that infrastructure would be down after things like a hurricane; while very possible, in this case the infrastructure has proven resilient.

        I would never put all of my eggs in one communication basket, but this has proven there is a role for Zello’s alternative system when available.

        There is also a possible use of a Zello like app in conjunction with mesh networks.

        So keep, or get traditional radio communications for all contingencies, but familiarity with Zello is certainly recommended.

        I think all of us could benefit from this Zello App as one of many tools for our communication needs.

        It certainly has limitations in regards to emergencies related to necessary infrastructure required for its use, however when available it is a powerful tool.

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          There is also Signal and Wire all of them including Zello have controversy, uses and limitations about them, but you pick your poison I guess.

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            Another one to look into is one called fire chat.

            again as trailman notes all have limitations or other possible issues however options are good.

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            Red Warrior

              GoTenna Mesh would be another option even though it only does texting. With the mesh network, you can create your own network without using any wifi or cellular networks.
              goTenna Mesh

              There is also Beartooth which I think is a little better. It turns your phone into a 2 way radio by using the Beartooth device to transmit your signal via 900 mhz. It also doesn’t use any cellular networks or wifi either. As long as you have a solar panel and batteries to charge your phones and devices you can use them.


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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                GoTenna Mesh would be another option…

                Checkout goTenna. Could be a good option to complement existing cell phone equipment for local communications if the systems go down. goTenna is a MURS radio that support texting via an app loaded on a cell phone. If the cell systems go down you can still have local area comms with goTennas. Good option for family members. http://www.gotenna.com/
                [quote quote=54999]Beartooth

                Cell Phone UHF hybrid

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                  and a test also gets you your Tech license.

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