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          ACSS on the ACOG.

          They also have an ACSS reticle for CQB.

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            Close to mid range scope- horseshoe reticle in 3×30 ACOG

            Long range- Springfield Armory Gen II or III Government model with .308 BDC out to 1,000 Unfortunately discontinued model :( But if anyone has one they want to sell or trade, contact me!

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              It all depends on what you want the rifle to do.

              I’ll be the oddball… I HATE green reticles. With fiber optic illuminated ACOGs in my bright sunny part of the world, if you don’t tone down the “input” of the fiber optic with tape or paint, the reticle “blooms” and makes precision shots really tough. If you tone down the brightness, the green reticle becomes difficult/slow to pick up against a green background (like leaves, especially mesquite leaves, which are almost the exact same color). I strongly prefer the red reticles in ACOGs. Favorite general purpose optic/reticle for 0-400m, is the TA11j ACOG –

              I also don’t like the horseshoe/dot or circle/dot type reticles, since they also make precision shots more difficult for me. They DO make shorter range shots faster, though! I have a circle/dot type reticle in a 1-4x scope on an 11.5″ barreled SBR, and like it okay in that role, since that’s primarily a 0-200m (or less) setup.

              For precision shooting out to 900m (or even farther), anything with mil based markings, preferably in half-mil increments. Horus mil-based reticles are like magic for both range estimation and holdover/hold-off. If you miss the first shot, but can see the first bullet strike, you are almost guaranteed a 2nd round hit on a stationary target unless the wind is really squirrely.

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                I like the old mil-dots, with a red dot option, like my loopy.

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                  Long range, the Horus H59.

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                    Have you seen the Leupold VX-6 (in the 1-6X with 30mm tube ??? :yahoo:

                    I like the old mil-dots, with a red dot option, like my loopy.

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                      Old thread, but I love my TA31 with a green chevron reticle. If I had the change, I’d switch the optics on all of my ARs to ACOGs. However, I have a Leupold 1.25-4x Firedot which is equally friendly to my eyes at mixed distances.

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                        2moa red dot for close country
                        Christmas trees (Bushnell DMR/HDMR, horus, etc) for long range

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                          ACSS in anything magnified. It’s a BDC reticle with wind holds and run/walk leads and you can range human targets by height/width. There are simpler and more complex versions of it. More of a DMR than precision reticle, but for its intended purpose I don’t know anything more ideal. Can’t beat a red dot for 100 yards and under though.

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                            I’m a fan of the Trijicon horseshoe for most things. For more precision/range, I like Vortex’s EBR 2c

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                              Trijicon horseshoe VCOG. Very heavy, but as bombproof as a thing can get. At 1 power almost like a red dot. Crank it for the longer shots.

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