Worried about Ammo supply w/ the Russia sanctions

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        I am worried about Ammo supply.

        I know forums are always inundated with panicked posts about Ammo but hear me out:

        If Obama goes thru with his sanctions (and there is no reason to believe he wont) Russian Ammo may come off the market.

        Steel case buyers will be forced into the brass market so the remaining brass supply will price higher too.

        I am buying 2000 rds of steel tomorrow putting my money where my mouth is.
        My LWRC M6 eats it like candy w/o any malfunctions of any kind not even short stroking.

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          I’m not overly worried. A lot of Wolf and other ammo comes from other Ex-Com countries, not just Russia. Some Wolf was made in the Ukraine..

          There is a new company on the scene called “Red Army Standard”. I’m sure will be more then willing to fill the gap in the supplies..

          Im sure the price will surge regardless. The question is how much.


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            Its true there is Ukrainian production (which I believe incidentally is in the East that wants to join Russia)..
            And Wolf Gold is mad ein Taiwan and is great quality BUT its also priced nearly the same as US brass.. not quite but close..

            All the big suppliers of Steel case Ammo are in Russia
            Tula Arsenal
            Ulyanosvk (sp?)

            Yes there is Serbia and Luhansk Cartridge works (Ukraine 12 miles from Russian border) but still some disruption will be unavoidable if we do sanctions on the arms industry.

            Hopefully it wont be an issue.

            In any event I am accelerating my ammo buying plans.

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              Prvi Partizan is made in Serbia. IMI is made in Isreal. I have been buying IMI lately and it is match grade ammo at surplus prices.

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                Just went ahead and ordered 1000 rds of Wolf Gold (Taiwan made)
                Has great reviews everywhere.

                A bit hotter than the normal Wolf and of course is brass.
                The MFS zinc plated steel was very nice too but only a penny a round less than the Wolf Gold .. so I went with that.

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                  Prvi Partizan is made in Serbia. IMI is made in Isreal. I have been buying IMI lately and it is match grade ammo at surplus prices.

                  I like PPU a lot.
                  Its packaged a lot better than western ammo too!
                  But lately been hard to find at decent prices.
                  And since all my rifles eat steel so well I usually look at steel first.

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                  Yankee Terrier

                    Very timely topic! I bought Wolf gold for my son to use at an Appleseed at the end of this week..looks to be nice stuff. I also finished topping off my warstocks by purchasing 3000 rds of Wolf steel cased 55gr .223. That amount plus existing stocks brought me up to a desired minimum amount in storage. The PPU I have is very good, If ADCOM becomes available, I would get that also, (admittedly I got later batches, not early).IMI great stuff. PMC is usually good quality, it will come up.

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                      Im wrapping up my winter reloading project right now. Should be done this weekend. 6000 rounds of once fired 556.

                      Even with an electric trimmer and a Dillon swagger I thought I might go insane from the tedium. Feels good to see the ammo cans filling up, though.

                      One thing I learned from the latest round of buying panic was : when you think you have enough ammo on hand , whatever that amount is – you don’t.

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                        Hmm.. you guys are making me want to buy more ammo! :unsure:

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