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        Is there a recommended time to wait after eating to workout?

        When I was a kid swimming, the parents would say wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming again. Old wives tale or legit?

        Is the 30 minute wait applicable universally or longer time period necessary?
        Does age matter in the wait period?

        Who is going to be the 1st to say “It depends” ? :yahoo:

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          The wait 30 mins to swim is an old wives tale… perhaps if you just ate your a thanksgiving deal and gorged yourself on food it may not be ideal.

          The sooner you can eat the better. The later you eat the less chance there is for you to eat with in the window in which your body is primed metabolically to receive the nutrients and put them where you ideally want them to go (ie to muscle repair).

          If you don’t have a pre-workout, intra-work out you need to eat ideally with in 20-30 mins of your work out to take advantage of whats going on metabolically.

          If say your instance you have a good pre-workout(no need for high caffiene stims) an example of this could be a 1/2 cup of oats, protein shake, 1/4 cup of berries. 15-30 mins prior do your workout. Intra-workout should be a supplement that contains at least EAAs or EAAs with a carbohydrate (not sugary Gatorade crap or similar product). Then and only then can you delay your post work out meal by up to an hour.

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            Farmer, I would say the best answer is more focused on the condition of your stomach and what you plan on doing in your workout, rather than “time”.

            The size of the meal, the digestibility of the meal, how much(if any) water you consumed with the meal, the acidity level of your stomach, etc. These are all factors that will influence the readiness of your stomach for PT.

            The more intense the workout, the more likely you are going to want a mostly-empty stomach. This is where meal planning comes in: PLAN YOUR MEALS AROUND YOUR PLANNED WORKOUT TIME, not the other way around.

            The idea should be to have a meal shortly after you workout. Sometimes a small, quickly-absorbed snack before the workout can be just enough to get you through to that meal waiting for you after you’re done.

            supplement companies want you to buy their shit. “Clean” eating and dedication to a solid PT program will go miles longer than “supplements”

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              I typically
              then POOP
              then WORKOUT

              if I mix up that order bad things tend to happen. Or if MikeQ gets into bathroom before me which disrupts the process. B-)

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              HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
              HEAT 2 (CP) X1
              FOF X3
              OPFOR X2
              CLC X2

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                  Wow Kitty. I had no idea of your dedication to order.

                  I was hoping, & very happy to see that Jmac would respond with his normal excellent advice, knowing that few else could top his knowledge about the real world way of how it should be done!

                  I’m sorry to say Johnny, it seems you have been bested. :cry:

                  Kitty, could you elaborate on how MikeQ disrupts the process & the consequences thereof please? :unsure:

                  Inquiring students want to know. :yes:

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                      As long as this starts with once upon a time at the motel… this could be the most epic thread on the forum.


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                    motel, cabin, CQB hut.

                    Not trying to influence the “truth”, but looking for accuracy. :whistle:

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