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        Or why NOT to buy a bullpup.
        The story behind this is that the guy was using commercial reloads and there was some pistol powder mixed in.

        Internet Rumor Control: Epic KaBoom!

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          I shoot long range stuff with a few co-workers. At one match last spring ( I was not ,there, my friends both were) a shooter on the line had his rifle blow up. The guy was injured and bled enough to make a puddle of blood in the gravel. I saw the photo of the puddle. Thankfully it was not a fatal injury and his eyes were not injured.

          This guy as it turns out mixed up his powders and reloaded a rifle cartridge with pistol powder. This was an experienced competitor who uses custom gear and hand loads for precision and he effed up. He was very lucky.

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            Noted your Appleseed experience, thank you for recognizing our program. Hopefully they were a good experience for you and the knowledge transfer was worth your time.


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              Yeah I have 2000 rounds of Patriot gun club reloads at the house. I thought Hillary was going to win so signed up for their ammo subscription in Oct. I need to set up my Hornady lock and load.

              Thanks now I’m scared.

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                FWIW, I am just finishing up around ~1K of Freedom Munitions reloads in 9mm (some 115, 124, and 147 grain). 115’s and 124’s – would not lock back the slide on my G19 consistently (not enough powder maybe?), the 147’s would most of the time. Either way, not consistent and therefore won’t be buying more. Same G19 shoots cheap factory ammo all day long with no issues (i.e gun not finicky about ammo). I’ve read about several kabooms with their stuff in 223/556, complete with explosion.

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