Why Colombia’s Peace Deal is Failing

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        So this is a quick ten-minute piece about the slow collapse of the ceasefire between FARC-EP and the Colombian government. There are interviews with demobilized FARC rebels and also ELN, another left-wing guerrilla force that rejected the peace process.

        There’s a lot of little nuggets of knowledge to pick here:
        1:06 – ELN uniforms are little more than captured Colombian Army issue, armbands are used to identify troops as ELN. Small arms are primarily of the same makes as those issued to Colombian Army.
        1:45 – ELN detachments are roughly platoon-strength, ~20 fighters.
        2:01 – Guerrilla camps have kitchens, utilize solar panels for electricity, have satellite TV and Internet.
        3:33 – Colombian Army helicopter starts circling overhead. More than one means they’re sending ground troops to envelop the position. (Note: Colombian Army are directly trained by the US Army via Plan Colombia.)
        3:50 – Guerrilla unit packed up camp to leave and exfil by boat within 30 minutes.
        7:44 – Guerrilla unit relocates to a friendly village.
        8:05 – Community lacks services from government, to maintain support ELN units give communities cash to help with necessities.
        8:30 – Commander Uriel cites political exclusion, income inequality, lack of basic services and dignified living conditions as motivators for ELN support.

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          You don’t have to be a commie to see the repeating themes.

          3:07 (Reporter): Would you consider signing a peace deal?
          3:10 (ELN Chick): LOL

          Right. So no established end state to fight towards. Solid leadership on display here (/sarcasm). The FARC leadership was far superior to what the ELN has on display.

          After showing that the Government is basically holding these guys up in a pen, not providing training or work for reintegration as promised in the peace deal:
          5:04 (Reporter): Do you sometimes regret laying down your weapons?
          5:06 (Retired FARC): Yes.

          And some great old man wisdom:
          6:49 (old man): You know, whenever there is a peace agreement during the post-conflict, the war can be worse.

          In contrast, here is a propaganda piece for the now demobilized FARC from about 4 years ago, prior to their now pretty much complete demobilization. There’s actually some great fieldcraft going on here worth observing, what appears to be good leadership, and an established political end state. They might be communists but you have to respect their competence in waging war.

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            FARC was always better led and organized than ELN, that’s true. I picked that video out because it was a quick ten-minute video, when I posted a link to Bakur I guess it was too long, few watched it except to call it commie propaganda. Good find, there’s some solid fieldcraft even if most of the news clip is political discussion.

            There isn’t really much of a history of right-wing guerrilla armies over the past century, most of those that have existed have often been the product of heavy support from the CIA and were more effective at murdering and terrorizing civilians than fighting in combat. If you want to see how modern guerrilla wars are fought you have to look at the lefties in the bush.

            It is sad to see the government failing to hold its end of the deal, all those fighters were teased with the prospect of a normal future and now they only have the jungle calling back out to them.

            Anyways, from Tango’s video:
            9:14 – Trenches run throughout the camp, each guerrilla must be able to dig out their own personal trench. Cords tied around the camp are used to guide guerrillas to trenches or exits in the dark in the event of a night time bombing. Underground bunkers permit them to work at night.
            11:48 – Kunta Kinte cites lack of schooling, lack of work, irresponsible government, extreme class disparity as motivators.
            16:02 – Field dentistry in base camp. Women share all military responsibilities with men.
            16:38 – FARC building a road where the state doesn’t, giving them legitimacy.

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