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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Warrior Assault Systems has a excellent reputation for quality gear. It’s a based in Hereford, UK with many dealers worldwide.

        Warrior Assault Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of military and tactical equipment. We put our gear through some of the most intense training ever devised: the theatre of war.

        Triple Vertical Breaching Shotgun Panel


        The Triple Vertical Breaching Shotgun Panel attaches directly onto the front or rear of the DCS, RICAS Compact, Raptor or they can be fastened onto the front of Warriors Triple MOLLE Open pouches.

        The panel holds up to 18 rounds of 12 gauge Hatton breaching shotgun shells / CS Marker rounds etc.

        There are a variety of products available to keep a Shotgun supported ranging from quality to gimmicks.

        Additionally there is much misinformation on its proper role and a true lack of understanding of the differences between citizen defense/law enforcement and combat. There is very little knowledge available on combat use beyond breaching. Despite the colorful euphemisms of the tactifool crowd, I know of no current training program teaching combat shotgun use, just manipulations drills best suited for 3 gun with a hint of law enforcement use.

        Well enough ranting by me. ;-)

        My initial impressions are one of very high quality and attention to detail.

        Stitching is uniform and reinforced in appropriate areas. Elastic shell loops are uniform and hold shells regardless of some ridiculous attempts at swinging and shaking. It seems to have a synthetic stiffener sandwiched between 500D cordura. The MOLLE attachment is done to spec and uses a tuck system.

        Here it is attached to my MICRO RACKminus minimalist chest rig.

        Mini review of MICRO RACKminus.

        Joe (G.W.N.S.) wrote:
        The Micro Rackminus arrived, it was exactly what I was looking for.

        It is a ridiculously lightweight minimalist chest rig, whether looking for a way to add a some gear to increase main load or in a covert carry situation, I expect it to be a great addition.

        I will spend some time using it then conduct a review.

        This thing weighs less than your t-shirt, doesn’t absorb water and is as durable as the BELTminus!

        Blue Force Gear really made an outstanding series of products, it’s a shame that with our military focus on deserts and mountains this never got the attention it deserves for jungle use!

        Outstanding gear.

        Will post more after running it through its paces, though I suspect it will be everything I was looking for.

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