Virginia Regime: What possible backup could be called?

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        So if things don’t go according to the Socialist playbook in Virginia, who can Northam call for help?

        I’ve discussed the numbers problem Virginia’s regime would face if things go hot.

        A cursory check shows Virginia has according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics’ 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the state had 340 law enforcement agencies employing 22,848 sworn police officers, about 293 for each 100,000 residents.

        Even if we add the Virginia National Guard which is composed of approximately 7,500 soldiers and maintains 46 armories in communities throughout the Commonwealth.

        They just don’t have the resources to force compliance among a large number of their population!

        Note: See the thread Interesting Threats and Numbers (Updated 29OCT16) for the national breakdown!

        Virginia’s current population as of 2019 is 8,571,946.

        Given that population, if just .5% of the population would resist that is 42,859 Virginians!

        Even given such a low percentage of Virginians, they would still have a advantage of 12,511 people.

        Numbers do not favor the State and of course that doesn’t even address how many LEO’s and Guardsmen wouldn’t participate in such action.

        There’s a conservative estimate of 2,485,864 Virginian gun owners.

        If only 1% of those gun owners was willing to resist you are still looking at 24,485 active participants.

        Hell even if we go with my .5% that’s still 12,243 people.

        It’s apparent Virginia doesn’t have the resources to force compliance of tyrannical laws.

        Again it seems doubtful President Trump would join Northam, though if Northam’s forces were getting defeated I could see the Federal Government conducting a “Peacekeeper” mission to stop fighting.

        Could Northam call on other States to help?

        In theory yes, but which ones? New York and California are the only two that seem to have the numbers, resources, political mindset. This doesn’t seem realistic. Maryland? Though they share a border it seems to me they lack the resources necessary.

        How about Private Military Contractors?

        Academi and Triple Canopy are two of eight PMC’s I am aware of located in Virginia.

        G4S (formerly known in the U.S. as the Wackenhut Group) is the only U.S. based PMC outside of Virginia that has the resources and manpower.

        Foreign PMC’s seems even more unrealistic!

        Triple Canopy and Academi are now part of the Constellis Group and certainly have the manpower and resources.

        How likely is such an option?

        I doubt they would openly call them in, but what about merging a contract force within the State Police as an “Emergency Measure?”

        I really don’t know, but it seems prudent to consider what options Northam has giving his self-inflicted situation.


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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Obviously the Socialists nationwide would be calling for Federal action and many more gun laws would be passed by Congress. What would the Senate’s reaction be?

          In case it’s not apparent, I am not exploring all possibilities as my desire is “your” involvement.

          I am not going to spoon feed reluctant participants in Intelligence. ;-)

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            I got chills the other day when considering the possible refusal of the VA NG to muster for this operation. Then I thought of a socialist State sending in their own National Guard, as per Katrina. So a Sociliast northern state. How about Massachuseets? So we get Yankees marching into Virginia!


            On a serious note, it would be useful to explore the laws over the raising oc the NG, both in Virginia and other Governors sending in their NG troops?

            Also, I heard that the President has the overall say in calling up the NG. But consider that Trump is a law and order guy and if there was an insurectuon would he not be duty bound to support the putting down of that in favor of elected Governors (arguments about legitimacy of such aside).

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Governors can not stop National Guard from being called up to Federal service.

              Governors can call up for State service any units not currently under Federal orders. The State pays them and must reimburse any DOD supplied/owned materials by payment to Fedral Government.

              The Presidential authority is required to deploy another States Guard into a different State for purposes other than training.

              In times of insurrection the Governor or the State Legislature must formerly request assistance from the President for National Guard (from different States) or DOD.

              Assistance by State sworn LEO’s maybe done under agreements between Govenors and their Legislatures. Out of State LEO’s Operate under an agreement similar to status of forces agreements our Military operates under while in allied nations.

              I suspect if Northam or Virginia Legislature request insurrection support to President, that Trump would act, however I suspect he would order forces to stop any fighting until a Judicial answer could be found.
              Rather than support firearm confiscation.

              I suspect at least a isolated spread of insurrection to other States if Federal forces attempted anything beyond “Peacekeeping” operations.

              I for one could potentially abide by a forced ceasefire. However any attempt at disarmament would be a rather blatant clue to begin operations against that forced disarmament.

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                Aside from the national guard, the NYPD is over 36k officers now ( There is also the possible effect that NY/NJ/NE officers could head down on their own volition for some “action”, much like what happened after the Boston marathon bombing. There were a lot of issues there that they tried to sweep under the rug of blue on blue because the cops didn’t know who the random other cops were, they had no comms with each other, etc.


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