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        I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but my attention has been very much on Liberty activities in Virginia. Thus, much of my writing has been on various FB sites, as well as my meme psyop on IG.

        I am running a new FB group called Virginia Liberty, which we added as something larger than the Culpeper Volunteer page, which is focused on local training. The Max Velocity Tactical FB page is ongoing. Virginia Liberty is bigger than VA, and we have people from all over in it.

        As regards this forum, most of you seem to be lurkers. I know Joe is taking a bit of a break, and given that he almost single handedly kept this place afloat, it seems we are sunk for the time being. I have always used the forum as a place to repost blog articles – because the original purpose for it was to take away the burden on moderating comments on the blog, by creating a free discussion place. Given that it seems nobody ever comments on either the blog or the forum anymore, we have become forum of lurkers.

        The forum is a huge library of information. However, it is up to you guys to ask questions in order to spur the various subject matter experts into action. We have posted a shit-ton of knowledge on here over the years, and it does remain there to be read. But I think we are all suffering from writers block in terms of new topics. Beyond what we write here, the only real answer is to show up for training.

        A couple of us can’t keep the forum afloat versus a bunch of lurkers. This forum is for your to use and discuss. When we log in and see questions, we can answer them.

        There seems to be a general assumption that I am reading everything that goes up here. As stated we have a lot going on here in VA, and that was never the case anyway. I usually take a look at latest activity and see if there is anything I want to look at. Or I get an email when someone comments on one of my posts or where I have commented.

        So, I’ll be lurking. If you want to engage on the forum, please do so.

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          I replied back to you via email, but I want to introduce myself. My name is Russ. I do cyber operations, done cyber operation planning and penetration testing. I don’t discuss on public forums what I do.

          Prior to Cyber, I did system engineering/network engineering and communications. I was responsible for setting of comms for 173rd in OIF, OEF and JTF Liberia.

          I want to defend our rights and defend from what I believe may happen in the future. I believe some bad things may be happening and we need to work together as a team.

          I actually was looking into doing the HEAT course last year, and I a still interested in doing the paying courses. Its not about free training for me. Its about being proficient to help defend our community.

          I actually am concerned that there may be some bigger things coming down the pipe.

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              Thanks for your input. I can’t check right now whether you are on the roster for a ‘HEAT 0.25’ Culpeper Volunteers event. However, if you are serious, get to an actual class. We put on 2 additional HEAT 1 classes. We also have HEAT 0.5. This is where you will really learn. The level on the CV events I run is so low that you will never get beyond real basics.

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              Thanks you. I appreciate it and will check in the HEAT classes as well.

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                Max, I’d like to try to breathe some life into the prepping/homesteading side of things with the point of view of building an active auxiliary.

                Preserving/storing field provisions
                pre-packed comfort & hygiene kits
                Inventory systems
                How to calculate how much to plant; how much to store – based on what you hope to put up… to supply x number of rations.

                And there are some additional “domestic skills”/ideas/techniques to round that out too.

                This HAS to be in place, developed and practiced BEFORE it’s needed. Just like combat rifle skills.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  …I’d like to try to breathe some life into the prepping/homesteading side of things with the point of view of building an active auxiliary.

                  I would love to see more focus on this far too overlooked subject!


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                    I came across this app, Sortly, that is an inventory app that is suitable to log for one’s preps. They have a free version too. I’ve played around with it and it has some good features, but like any inventory method, the setup and first entries take time.

                    I want more info on your comment about prepacked comfort and hygiene kits.

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                      LittleBigBill –

                      There are a whole lot of logistics involved more than just contents & pkg’ing… like getting things out to patrols, who needs what type communications, etc. But I’ve been more interested/involved in this side of things – coz I’m only gonna be a liability out in the field, even though I know I still need more skills even to “hold down the fort”, effectively. I’m not one to expect a group to rally to me, for protection. LOL. I can & will take care of myself & what’s “mine”. LOL.

                      I’m gonna be run a little ragged the next week or two; with the mild winter – we’ve been building/improving the property and keeping some local guys busy & paid and TRAINED in those practical skills too, with only a short break for Christmas & New Years. Just starting a new project Monday that’s going to disrupt my personal space but I expect that to be a short term kind of thing.

                      Give me a couple weeks and I’ll start getting my brain re-focused on this. I used to teach – so expect “handouts”. LOL. Assuming I can upload pdfs here. I’ll try to break things into different topics, but there’s obviously going to be some overlap & redundancy. We’ll try one… and see if attracts any interest.

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                        I’ve been pretty much tits up for two weeks with a nasty, lingering head cold. But I’m still following the VA scenario. And yeah I’d love to spark up any conversation here; training, guns n gear, AND food stuff!

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                          Here is something for you guys in VA. This company refuses to train civilians but is excited about training Virginia LEO in CQB tactics. Their IG is @redbackone

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                            Tried to create a new thread two days in a row but it’s hung up on me both times. Can’t contribute if my threads down show up. :wacko:

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                            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                              Tried to create a new thread two days in a row but it’s hung up on me both times. Can’t contribute if my threads down show up.

                              Can’t fix what I don’t know about! ;-)

                              Sent you a PM.

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                                Joe, I’ve gotten absolutely buried in work around here this week – I didn’t expect the contractor to look over my small bathroom project on Friday and tell me demo would start Monday… and I was responsible for buying the finish materials/products (which I was gonna do anyway – once he accepted the project LOL).

                                Haven’t forgotten about getting those threads started!

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                                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                  Joe, I’ve gotten absolutely buried in work around here this week…

                                  Life happens, rather you get your tangible projects accomplished.

                                  Haven’t forgotten about getting those threads started!

                                  When times right it will be fine. :yes:

                                  Thanks for the update.

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