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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        So your not a Virginian, but want to help?

        There are certainly areas you can assist and your best starting place is to ask a Virginian!

        IMHO it your not a Virginian, haven’t been a Virginian, don’t have family in Viginia, or very close friends there…

        …then stay the fuck home!

        Now if you have some form of ties to Virginia with current contacts there, feel free to ask them their thoughts.

        Again IMHO our Virginian brothers and sisters don’t need a bunch of armed outsiders showing up unannounced to complicate things, not to mention would you trust some random unknown armed people?

        Let’s consider some constructive things from the bland to more active.

        Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL); our Virginian members can weigh in, but sending them a few bucks to help the legal right seems reasonable.

        Max is working on providing some pro bono training, maybe he could use some resources from money to materials. I’ll let him weigh in on this and his thoughts.

        Note: Max has no prior warning I would mention this possibility.

        Virginia members please sound off if you have any ideas?

        More to follow…

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          Joe, thanks.

          I’m responding and writing in real time with my thoughts on what I may need. I never had any thoughts beyond doing some low key training for guys on a flat range. We all know the standard of people out there and if you think these guys are getting free MVT classes then you (and they) are sadly mistaken. If they want that, they can sign up for classes, which will run until the boogaloo starts!

          The classes are supposed the be a day long with an introduction to safety, weapon manipulation / stoppages etc, then so ready / facing drills and basic marksmanship from standing, kneeling and prone. My sights are set low because we all know what is out there, and we have no idea who or what will show up. I already had offer of help on the ranges form one alumni, and maybe that is something we can do. I have no idea who or how many will show up.

          I have now made links with a number of Culpeper residents and one excellent chap (Australian, of course) was part-way through digging a range at his property and has been launched into feverish activity to get this done and allow us to use it. It is about a mile from my house. Once we have this at a reasonable standard we will schedule the range days. If alumni want to show up, not so much for the firing line, this will have the ability for them to be assistant AIs on the line for safety (oh my gawd – the potential!), generally good blokes, shoot the shit, talk to people discuss gear, all the rest. I’m obviously thinking about Virginia Alumni when I say that. Forging links.

          The only other thing I can think of at this time is donation of material. One thing I am noticing is guys basically having no gear, which is why I am posting stuff on the Culpeper Volunteers FB page. I don’t know the extent of that at this stage. I posted about getting basic Howard Leight era pro, etc. What may be useful is sending that chest rig you don’t want or don’t use. But hold on, don’t start sending stuff until I get a handle on what may or may not be needed. I don’t want to end up with boxes of gear!

          Anyone else think of anything?

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            Of course, what we really need is ground truth Intel. In terms of trying to predict what may happen. On both sides. On the Patriot side, there is no one in charge, no one really knows what people may be up to.

            Example: who the hell is giing to show up to Lobby Day?

            Intel and comms.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Intel and comms.

              On the Intelligence side no one seems interested, my call for information for analysis has been almost completely ignored.

              Communications I certainly have some ideas, but while knowledgeable I am not the expert in that field.

              Due to the diverse nature of equipment and capabilities organically available I would lean towards using AmRRON’s Comms S.O.I. as the standard for interoperability.

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                On the Intelligence side no one seems interested, my call for information for analysis has been almost completely ignored.

                Incredibly frustrating how no one will take an interest in Intel. I guess it speaks to lack of experience of how important it is. :scratch:

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                  How can others help? Virginians: what are you guaging of the mood in your area? Chat, aquaintances etc?

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                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                    I guess it speaks to lack of experience of how important it is.

                    Banging my head against the wall frustrating!

                    Ultimately there are two points of consideration that cover deaths in combat.

                    Lives that were spent on the battlefield and lives that were wasted on the battlefield!

                    The spending of lives is a costly but necessary part of armed conflict.

                    The wasting of lives due to incompetence, lack of planning, and arrogance to name a few. This is an unnecessary part of armed conflict that unfortunately happens far too often.

                    Ignoring the role of Intelligence, the concepts behind it, and the products it provides will directly lead to Lives Wasted!

                    Do not learn this lesson the hard way.

                    What is even more frustrating is its bad enough potential combatants will die as noted above, but with something like this occurring essentially at home…

                    How many children will die because their damn parents didn’t see a threat soon enough!

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                      If I CAN, I will help. Just identify needs so I don’t send what isn’t useful.

                      I used to have a fairly extensive network of contacts that side of the state line. And that is easily rectified and firmed up. Also PR & graphic design (minor web) skills; albeit a tad rusty and out of date tech wise.

                      I’m still interested in keeping an extremely low profile. But there are some very easy, low risk ways to start being in the right place at the right time for the kind of info that might be of interest and value.

                      Yeah, the ham antenna needs assembled. But I am going to need that room functional soon anyway. Been in the works awhile.

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                      Robert Henry

                        Donate to the VCDL and/or buy some new NODS from us right now, we are donating $50. from every (already on sale) NV purchase to VCDL through the 1st.

                        Need to get some big boys like Brownells doing something similar.

                        Pray and prepare.


                        Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
                        Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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