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          agree. For those not aware, when/if tyranny passes, they will be in the fight on the legal side, and it is expensive. If you join, throw a few $ towards the forthcoming festivities.

          Lobby Day will be in January again; if you have not been, you need to go. There are proposals to make it a “will not comply” rally outdoors instead, but we’ll see. Either way, our overlords use that as a measuring stick vs. the professional protestors. Last January, I think we had around ~500 (maybe?) from VCDL vs. 5+ chartered busses with Moms Demand Action stooges, all wearing matching shirts, with professionally made sides and organizers with clipboards, etc.

          A couple other things for Virginians:
          1. look up your Sheriff and contact them to inquire how they feel about enforcing unconstitutional laws. The Virginia Sheriffs Association page has a lookup:
          2. Look up your Commonwealth Attorney – THEY MATTER as they choose which laws to prosecute. To prove that fact, see:
          3. contact your local city/county board/supervisor and let them know your thoughts on unconstitutional state laws. Campbell County is our first 2A Sanctuary County in VA. I suspect there will be more, but this needs to be pushed by citizens.

          Get involved.

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            What Pinky said. I’ve called my local reps on occasion and believe it or not instead of the usual angry rant I actually stated my opposition to certain bills, thanked them for listening then in my way I apologized that we in the 2A community have not done a better job of claiming the high ground in the culture versus the disreputable opposition.

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              I wrote in to the VCDL and they asked if I was available for Local Government and Local Sheriff liaison. I said I was. I will see what becomes of this. At the very least it may mean some better liaisons / relationships in Culpeper County. The Sheriff professes to be pro-2A so we can see what potential we have to be a 2A sanctuary county.

              I’ll keep you updated.

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                Still kind of amazed to see this unfolding so quickly, I was talking to a Virginian at the Chantilly gun show back in September and he assured me Virginia was still conservative enough they didn’t have to worry about Maryland-style gun control any time soon. So much for denialism.

                Good luck y’all. :good:

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