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        Interesting comments on 193 v 855

        Considerations In Selecting AR-15 Ammunition

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          Yeah I saw this. I have little time for that Herschel fella. It is well known (or not so much) that 193 is going to go at higher velocity, and as such it poses a problem to steel armor or targets due to simple velocity. But it will only go through the steel if fired from a 20 inch barrel and at very close range (7m in the video). So it is kind of a pointless test. We talked a little about lethality of M855 in an earlier discussion, related to barrel length, and velocity falls off relatively quickly depending on barrel length, which means that M855 is ‘more lethal’ in terms of staying at high enough velocity for increased yaw/fragmentation only out to relatively short ranges (100 meters or so depending on barrel length). Doesn’t mean you can walk it off at linger ranges, but there is more chance that a hit in a non lethal zone will just ‘zip through.’

          I would be interested to see how quickly the 193 drops to a velocity where it will not penetrate. Amd remember that it will not even achieve rhat initial velocity in a shorter barrel.

          M855 is more effective as ranges increase, beyond 300 m as compared to 193. Also, because it has a penetrator, it has more effect on cover/light armor even at longer ranges than the 193 -which is what it is designed for – and not reliant on initial muzzle velocity alone.

          855 is still my go-to combat round. Doesn’t mean you can’t use any round in a gunfight. But the video is interesting but somewhat misleading.

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            Oh, and this is why younhave to be careful with 3/3 dyneema plates, and why I sacrificed weight savings to get the dyneema / ceramic composite, because contrary to the video, the pure dyneema plates do not stop M855 (green tip), but they do stop 193. Given that many are loaded with green tip, you need to get the composite 4.6lb plates.

            And nobody with any tactical sense wears steel plates. Also, consider this: you can’t navigate with compass in them, the 3 playes are heavy as fuck, and in the winter putting yourself between steel plates is like being in a refrigerator.

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