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          Wow! Great article. I’m going to print this out, keep it with me, and the next time somebody calls me a racist I’m going to say, “Good, OK, hold that thought. Read this and then let’s discuss…” Of course, when you’re jumped in an alley which you shouldn’t have walked down, (which I have been), there’s really no time to discuss the finer points of civility, or to say, you’ve got the wrong guy.

          This is a very serious subject, but until we’re armed with the facts as best as we can discern them, we’re very much at a disadvantage to those that would use propaganda against us for their own gain. And as all evidence exposes, this type of propaganda is most harmful to the people that it supposedly is trying to advocate for.

          This is an older video, but it was also valuable in helping me to understand the situation:

          DCH 10/2019
          H.E.A.T. 1 12/2019

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            Probably the biggest post-colonial legacy hampering many modern African states (and former colonies in general) is that the territorial lines aren’t all that natural, so some peoples were split between colonial borders and whatnot, fueling separatist movements and transnational ethnic armies (ex. the Second Congo War was in part fueled by the actions of Hutu militia who had fled Rwanda to fellow Hutus in the DRC). Many colonies were structured so that local minorities formed the colonial ruling class, they relied on the occupying power to retain power and those dynamics remained even after the formal independence of these countries. There were various separatist movements to address some of these issues (Biafra in late 60s Nigeria, Ambazonia in modern Cameroon) but they are usually crushed.

            The former colonial powers retain enough power to retain those states as vassals, any challenges to British, French, etc. authority or corporate interests have been historically been met with a coup from some ambitious general, particularly in those countries with the “resource curse” in central and western Africa. To borrow a line from Ron Paul, some of these African refugees are effectively blowback on Europe for their interventionism in Africa.

            The reason so many liberation movements were communist in the last century is because the commies were the only one providing aid to those rebelling against the Western states. You don’t see many new communist insurgencies popping up post-1991 since there’s no commie sponsor states to back them up anymore.

            (So maybe once we establish a more libertarian government post-collapse it’ll fuel libertarian insurgencies overseas? ✌)

            Though all that being said these issues aren’t unique to Africa and shitty African leaders are a large part of the problem, though many of them have died or been deposed in the last few decades.

            As Western influence in Africa has declined there’s also more influence from Russia and China, which you wouldn’t know from American MSM, and that the hardcore tankies swear isn’t real colonialism because they were communists once upon a time, before they were born.🤣

            A large chunk of Africa is growing and stabilizing at a very good rate, you usually hear about basket cases like the DRC, Zimbabwe, or Niger before you hear about success stories like Ghana, Senegal, or Zambia.

            This doesn’t really address the separate issues of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the primary difference is that historical slavery was indentured servitude, specific to that person, whereas chattel slavery treated considered slaves and their offspring property, creating a permanent, hereditary slave underclass. Not to cheer on any caliphate but you had had more options to escape slavery in historical Islamic societies than in the Antebellum South.

            Most Africans I meet don’t seem to bear the same level of resentment over the history as those in the diaspora do. I suppose it’s not terribly different than what I’ve seen in other diaspora communities, ex. many diaspora Assyrians still dislike the Kurds but in the Midddle East itself they’ve developed friendlier relations.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              In regards to slavery, I am far more concerned with the fact that as many as 20-60 million people live in slavery today vice any issues from our past!

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              Steve Ski

                Good article, could follow this up with many of the writings from Thomas Sowell

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                  Stefan is a good source to follow for many reasons.
                  I agree with Joe, although too many people in the U.S. are too focused on the issue of past slavery of the Black nations.

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                    Bingo! There it is….

                    The problems of postcolonial Africa, concludes Tigori, can neither be blamed on the historical myth of its colonial enslavement, nor on the present-day myth of Europe’s racism, xenophobia or white supremacism.

                    They should rather be attributed to its local elites who continue to betray the masses through their lawlessness, corruption, nepotism, lack of economic rationality, widespread mismanagement and more.

                    I work all over Africa. Had 5 active Visas at one point last summery. Sadly, my Uganda one just expired. So, back to the embassy for another for the March trip. BTW, there is no AFRICA as far as I’m concerned. There are five sub continents that inhabit the same land mass..East, West, South, Central, and North Africa are all very different places, people, histories, cultures, attutudes, etc., etc.

                    The above quote says it all. And I see it every time I’m there. Hell, we just had a lab director flee the country because he was embezzling Ebola Relief Funds. That’s typical. They know corruption is there main problem. There are anti corruption committees and advertising everywhere. “But everyone is else getting a piece of the pie. So, why can’t i?”

                    THAT’S why they are still living in huts in many places (you wanna see the pics?).
                    Some places are much better than others.
                    I love Morocco and Senegal. Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria? All beautiful, but no thanks.

                    No-one, and I mean no one I work with in Africa gives a crap about Colonialism and Slavery. They know the roll they played in both, and that slavery still goes on to this day there. The author from COI is correct.

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                      Even better, I keep this bookmarked in my phone…TODAY’s World Slavery Index.


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                        Wow that’s a powerful message, that some would say makes a lot of sense. But the key is when ideology confronts truth, the ideology must prevail. That’s been the communist message all along.

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                          In regards to slavery, I am far more concerned with the fact that as many as 20-60 million people live in slavery today vice any issues from our past!

                          That is just outside the uSA. Every American that pays taxes is a slave. If the government’s gun is pointed at your head, if you can’t opt out voluntarily, then that is slavery. They just call it paying your fair share. :wacko:

                          I call it for what it is.

                          Black slavery in this country was 150 years ago. More pressing matters to attend to…..

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Every American that pays taxes is a slave.

                            Well I was of course referring to actual slaves vs the blogosphere meme bullshit.

                            And there are literal slaves in the U.S. though relatively rare.

                            While I certainly understand the issues regarding taxes, comparing it to actual slavery is asinine!

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                              Every American that pays taxes is a slave.

                              While I certainly understand the issues regarding taxes, comparing it to actual slavery is asinine!

                              I respectfully disagree.

                              What do you call it if you can’t opt out?

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                              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                What do you call it if you can’t opt out?

                                A coward! :yes:

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                                  Coward? How so?

                                  I said “What do you call it if you CAN”T opt out?” As in the government will confiscate the land you live on and the house you are paying a mortgage on or own if you try to “opt out ” of paying property tax. The Sheriff then sells it to some compliant helot who will pay up and you are now homeless.

                                  As in the government will take control of your bank accounts and garnish your wages if you try to “opt out” of paying income tax.

                                  If one persists in trying to opt out they are dragged into the government’s courts, ruined financially, and tossed into a federal or state cage.

                                  If one is really uppity about opting out of paying income or property taxes the government has been known to put them in an early grave.

                                  That is what I meant by “can’t opt out”.

                                  Slavery, well and truly.

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                                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                    How can a man who truly desires Rightful Liberty be a slave?

                                    Particularly an armed man?

                                    Only by his own compliance and/or cowardice can this armed man be a slave!

                                    You speak of the tyranny that government can inflict as though you have no say in this.

                                    I can’t help but believe what you are really saying is the price of Liberty is too high!

                                    That your life is somehow too valuable to spend on the pursuit of Rightful Liberty?

                                    If only someone else would spend their life for your sake?

                                    No the ability to “opt out” has always been available, however it would seem the price is too great or the true desire is lacking!

                                    Perhaps it is easier to call oneself a slave than admit they are really a coward?

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                                      In this life we are all slave to something. The question is to what and to what degree.

                                      Ha! A man who DESIRES rightful liberty but does not have it is still a slave. Armed or not. A slave either to his compliance due to government conditioning or his timidity due to his own cowardice.

                                      I know plenty of gunowners who will be marched into the camps, with their guns, singing Cum-by-ya because they don’t have the WILLPOWER and training to use them for what they were intended for.

                                      The rub lies in the fact that there is no true rightful liberty in the former united States.

                                      How many people do you know who are living their lives with true Jeffersonian Rightful Liberty? I personally know no one.

                                      All of us are battling against a lifetime of government conditioning that says “Obey the law” or “Its un-American not to pay taxes”, or “Respect Authority”, or some such other nonsense. Even you.

                                      Reminds me of the Orwell quote “Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

                                      A conundrum, yes?

                                      I don’t need or want someone else to fight the fight for me. What I need is someone to fight the fight WITH me. Is that you? Or not?

                                      I’m ready for the fight and I’ve made peace with that, mentally and Spiritually.

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