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        This is an interesting one. Apparently a kurd (I’m assuming near side of the wall/left), against ISIS (assuming the guy to the right).

        They both have no idea how to pie a corner. They both fail to kill each other.

        There is a wrinkle though: There is a guy on the roof behind the sandbags. he looks to me to be firing at the Kurd, so let’s assume he is ISIS. If this is the case, it means if the kurd steps out to pie, he may be hit from the roof.

        Thus, nothing is dogma, nothing is a simple as tacticool. Always think about depth and mutually supporting enemy.

        Frag grenade anyone? Kurd chucks it round the corner, job done.


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          If I was the camera man, I would be thinking about moving…

          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
          FOF X3
          OPFOR X2
          CLC X2

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            Thankfully there’s no sound in the video, I can only take so much nasheed music in one day lol.

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