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        How do you guys deal with ticks? Removing them and also avoiding picking the nasty little SOBs up in the first place?

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          In tick country I use Permethrin on my clothes.


          Long pants and shirts when out in the field help a lot as well.

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            Use a curved type hemostats, or something smooth and able to get right where the tick is attached…pull firmly and you’ll get most of it off. Of course disinfect asap. The sooner you pull it or remove the less likely you’ll get a tick borne disease. Covering tick with liquids or burning them off aren’t recommended.

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              I currently live in Tenn. I came here from Texas. I thought I knew what a lot of ticks were but I didn’t. I like to refer to Tennessee as Tickassee. When I train in the summer in the hills/mountains in East TN, I get covered in ticks. Doesn’t matter how much repellant I use. I will have 5-10 on me every time. The one thing that the spray does do, it seems to keep the ticks from burrowing into your skin. They seem to just wander around my body. I hate ticks.

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                USDA had a laboratory near Falcon Dam, Texas where they studied ticks. Ticks seek heat. In their life span they will not travel more than the width of a single lane road, without a host. They wait on leaves and drop off when they sense the heat, so if you can avoid brushing up against stuff that helps. Oh, the lab burned down.

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                  Yeah I have some experience with them being. I know they like to lay on leaves but unfortunately there is only so much you can do to avoid brushing against them in the woods. Also know to check the “warm” areas of the body after being in the woods. Just removed one from behind my knee at work the other day. Thanks Jamison I was looking into the pemethrine before but couldnt remember what it was called.

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                    My bug out redoubt is the grasslands which is cattle country and that means ticks, sometimes if the weather is right biblical levels of the bastards. I have had luck with deep woods off and long sleeves and pants, but still I bathe in DWO

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                      100% DEET ( N3,N-diethyl-meta toluamide ) solution. Spread circumferentially around ankles, wrists, neck, and at end of day, cafeful inspection for critters. Would imagine a dead bloodhound could track me tho. Allegedly to be toxic in chronic exposure use, compromised immune system, pregnancy etc but prevents the nasty diseases carried by vectors such as, but not limited to ticks, mosquitos and other noxious invertebrates. Everything has pros & cons.

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                        I have found a two-layered system works pretty good for training. First I rub on GI bug juice or the strongest equivalent I can find. Bands around the waist, ankles, wrist, neck, etc. Do not get above the eyes. After dressing, I then liberally spray Deep Woods Off, on all my clothing and equipment, paying special attention to open areas of uniform, such as cuffs, waist, neck, etc. Then I button down everything. Long sleeves, cuffs, neck. I then add camo crème to all exposed skin. Can be a little hot, but helps to be covered up as much as possible. No bare exposed skin.

                        I will find a lot of the suckers walking around, but this system seems to help keep them from burrowing. So if I can get a tick check after exposure, I will get very few that are attached. 10-4 on the hemos. You can get right down to the skin line where they are attached and pull the nasty buggers out.

                        If GI bug juice is bad for you, I’m already fucked. I may be bat-shit crazy, but at least I won’t have ticks on me.

                        My buddy and I are experimenting with ghillie hoods, made from mosquito netting. I am hoping this will give us an additional barrier about the head and shoulders.

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                          From years worth of experience, Deep Woods Off is pretty effective. That being said, in a tropical area, ie; Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where the heat index can be 110 degrees at 10PM with the humidity at over 95%, it needs to be reapplied frequently.

                          The other drawback on it, is that a nose can detect the odor of it. Not quite as bad as cigarette smoke, but noticeable just the same. :good:

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                            No ticks in Alaska… B-)

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                              That last time I looked, Consumer Reports gave Deep Woods Off the highest rating (of commercially available products of course.)

                              What’s the suggested treatment of the bite after removal? Those damn things itch for weeks.

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                              Ronald Beal

                                I have found the “tick twister” to be a great tool for removing the buggers.

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                                  dont put vasiline over them or burn them that dont work.every summer I end up taking the antibiotics cause I find a million of em on me.just like now.

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                                    Due to my outdoor profession, I’ve dealt with ticks seems like forever.
                                    High concentration Deet helps but you’ll get ’em regardless.

                                    If they’re dug in, just get those fingernails as close to the skin as possible and the head will come when you pull. Yeah, it’s gonna itch for a while.

                                    The bigger concern is when he stays long enough(36 hrs or so) to swell. My understanding is it will regurgitate back into you and this is where the Limes or Rocky Mt. Spotted fever danger lies.

                                    I keep a wide spectrum antibiotic like Doxycycline on hand to take several days afterward. It will control Limes and RMSF at early stages.

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                                      Around home, keep the grass short for quite a distance from the house. (Also keeps snakes and rodents down.)

                                      Out in the woods – Diz’s system is probably the best. I am more bothered by no-see-ums and mosquitos however, so understand the bathing in DEET comment. Problem is, it makes me feel sick after awhile. So getting it OFF is just as urgent as keeping the bugs off.

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                                        I have found the “tick twister” to be a great tool for removing the buggers.

                                        I’ll second this. Especially coming from scouts. It works great for removal.

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                                        First Sergeant

                                          Another thing to consider with ticks. There is a disease that you can pick up from a tick bite that makes you allergic to meat and can make you allergic to dairy products.

                                          My daughter has it and I know of 4 others locally that have it.

                                          I treat all of my clothing with Permethrin. It has worked 100% so far.

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                                          Brian from Georgia

                                            Permethrin for the win! Try the Sawyer brand from Academy Sports or wherever. It will treat 2-3 outfits and will last up to 6 weeks.

                                            Several of us here train in FL. I treated my BDUs, socks and gloves with permethrin before I went. We laid in the grass and leaves all day and I didn’t get a single tick or red bug. I usually get covered in both.

                                            Also use blousing bands to keep them from crawling up your boots to your legs.

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                                              Of all the places I’ve been, the Shenandoah Valley in VA near the Winchester/Strasburg/Front Royal area has an unbelievable amount of ticks. I used to spend a lot of time in the field over there a few years ago when a new power-line was going in and my legs would be covered as soon as I got out of the truck. I used OFF heavily on my clothes and actually didn’t have that many bite me.

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                                                Do any of the bug sprays create an enhanced IR signature?

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