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        This is the kind of analysis I like to see (and do) of trends that make a collapse nearly inevitable:

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          I moved from one of those foothill areas last year. based on the local tier water prices having a garden that prodcued 35% of household foodsupply was not cost effective. I spoke with local well driller, i was unable to drill as septic was too close. however, he did say mention that the state/county was wanting to add meters to local wells to “moniter” water useage. as we know whenever they montier something, a tax is just around the corner.

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            Want to read about whats coming to that new vehicle you’re considering
            purchase of? check out this link

            Heebie Jeebies

            big brother at his finest, along with the usual suspects. Just another
            trend already in a theater near you.

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              I heard on Fox News today that Q1, 2014 compared to Q1, 2013, food prices have increased by 8.4%.

              My prepping background comes in to challenge folks on this forum to start a vegetable garden this spring. Take the money you save by growing your own garden and use it to buy Beans, Bullets and Band-Aides.

              If you are no a gardener per say, just think of what you will learn for when (Not if) the collapse happens. That would be priceless!

              HuDesertRat, it will be cool to disconnect the devises in your new vehicle. ;-)

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                Hey JohnyMac,
                my guess is some of these things are so integrated into the system of the vehicle that disabling it would more than likely make your ride a
                no-go. either you have advanced degree in electronics/software, or someone comes up with motherboards to replace said devices and still allow operation. or you just forgo those newer models, or possibly jam
                the signal. its quite a future we have in front of us.

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                  Yup you are right HiDesertRat! What a great opportunity for an entrepreneur ;-)

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