The myth of drug expiration

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        Good article, still need to hit all the links.

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          It’s a good article and is correct. The more we (pharmacies) have to throw away the more we have to buy.

          There are some drugs that don’t last as long. Tetracycline being one of them. But there really is no hard data on it because the drug companies don’t want that info out. One way to check is to smell the bottle. If it smells bad then it is probably gone bad. Pretty scientific, huh?

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Good stuff!

            Here’s an old Thread.

            How Long Are Drugs Good For After The Expiration Date?

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              I just noticed you linked to my article.

              Read all the info.

              Store your drugs in air tight containers. Mason Jars, etc.
              Store them in Freezer if dry. Fridge if wet (wet drugs degrade faster than dry).

              I researched many years ago the tetracycline issue.

              Early TCN’s did show some nephrotoxic issues when they got older.
              This may have been as a byproduct of the manufacturing processes. kinda like the Agent Orange thing.

              With modern manufacturing processes and modern interations of the TCN family, it is most likely not an issue anymore.

              Than being said: Don’t take expired TCN unless it is life or death.

              Doxycycline, minocycline, et al are probably ok. Probably.

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                Veteran of many medical missions to impoverished countries in Central/South America. Almost all drugs were expired and thus donated by hospitals for humanitarian use (outside the USA). Stored appropriately, they work just fine.

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