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        This was originally brought up on the forum here

        What is the ACFT?

        In summary:
        1) 3RM Hex Bar Deadlift
        2) Standing Power Throw 10#
        3) Max Hand Release Pushups in 2 min.
        4) Sprint-Drag-Carry (sprint, sled drag, farmer carry)
        5) Leg Tuck (knees to elbows)
        6) 2 Mile Run

        Well, this hasn’t gone away and it’s continuing to be tested.

        As of now, there are (I believe) 3 standards, based on MOS. This means that a cyber warfare specialist will be held to a lower standard than a logistics soldier who will be held to a lower standard than an infantryman (for a hypothetical example).

        The obvious downside to the test is the large increase in equipment (from a baseline of zero equipment). The second downside is by doubling the number of events, testing will take longer.

        From a functional standpoint though, these are solid tests that will provide a better assessment of a soldier’s level of fitness. THere are obvious drawbacks, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. My fear is that the Army won’t be able to effectively adapt this test into a final (better) version and remains fixed on this test for the next 50 years. I’m also not convinced they have scoring down yet, both from my estimation and anecdotal reports I’m hearing. Another concern I have is what will happen to people on profiles, who can still make a solid contribution to their unit, but have a chronic injury that prevents them from performing the test (or meeting it’s standards).

        Also, it’s not a coincidence that there are quite a few similarities between these events and some of the forum fitness challenge workouts.

        I think it’s great the Army is moving more towards a functional fitness mentality. The deadlift is a great, the sprint-drag-carry is great, the leg tuck is great. The throw is pretty good. I’m luke warm on the hand release pushups and while I’d probably prefer to see a 4 mile ruck over a run, a run is easier to administer and (in combination with the other events) the run provides a meaningful metric.

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        Scott G

          When I was in I hated the APFT. I never thought it was a very effective measure of ability to do the job. I saw to many guys who maxed the run fall out on a ruck march. I knew a guy who could barely pass the run, but I saw him finish a ruck march with his ruck, another soldiers ruck and the M60. THAT is the guy I want with me!
          My idea was always a timed confidence/obstacle course followed by a ruck march. I figured that would be a good measure of functional fitness, even though back then I didn’t use or know that term.

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              Somewhere, I forget where I saw it, but the Army put out a “exercises to do to prepare for the ACFT” and it was a joke. I say that because the only weight lifting it recommended was bench press.

              You need to be deadlifting (1-5 rep range) if you’re going to have a good 3RM. You need to be push pressing (1-5 rep range) if you’re going to have a good throw.

              Yeah, I agree that a ruck march would probably be better, especially since you have the sprint-carry-drag.

              Edit: when it comes to functional fitness, you need to be strong-quick-agile-flexible with work capacity and endurance. Obviously you can’t have it all. The key is trying to work on some of your glaring weaknesses while building/maintaining your other capabilities. Do not stagnate, change things up.

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