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        Note: This is not Max’s response/content. Just a glitch from the transition to subscription.

        Every member of my team strongly feel that being a member of a team which can defend the homestead and support the community is key to surviving post collapse, if it actually happens. Consider what your family and your community will need. Each need requires a community effort on many levels. Water, Food, Shelter, Sanitation, security, transportation, medical, etc.

        If you are part of this community effort and contribute, you will have the resources needed to survive. Strength in numbers is key here. Community could be your small rural town, your retreat or homestead.

        The isolated family scared of loosing the precious preps may sooner or later need resupply of food, water, ammo. As part of the SHTF community all will benefit from combined contributions of the group.
        You still need doctors and teachers in your retreat. Security and QRT teams as well. It will be sad when the isolated family cannot reach out because they have not contributed.

        I personally know of three families who sold everything and moved to a safe area, to live off the land and live off the grid. Now they are older and things are harder to do, takes more energy, bodies older and weaker. Then selling off only to move back and integrate back into the community they were once a part of.


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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          For the most part I believe you are preaching to the Choir. Anyone who has spent much time on this Forum is aware of the need for a team/group and even more so for those that have attended MVT.

          I suspect if we could know all the different people here we would find there are those here that are trying to establish a team/group, those that have a team/group, and finally some in between.

          I have stated in the past that most likely; regardless of intentions, most will find themselves adding people after a “Event” happens and will need to be as well versed as possible to train these people then. This is hardly ideal, but such is life.

          This Forum; particularly for Alumni, is a possible resource to meet other like minded people, but caution is in order.

          Ultimately it will take establishing relationships in “meatspace” to find out if there is potential team/group member that has the right fit.

          I also suspect that those that have a team/group will be reluctant to share much in the way of specifics in this Forum.

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            Note: This is not Max’s response/content. Just a glitch from the transition to subscription.

            I agree, and would not discourage any member from thinking these discussions do not apply to them. Learning comes in many forms and from many sources, and training like MV is a plus. Use your skills and abilities to fit your particular situation.

            Again if you are just starting out, find one person you trust. This is your base, your buddy team. Establish your own plan as you see fit. Pick from available resources, mix and match what you believe your future needs will be. Consider your strong points and weaknesses. Build on your strong points and develop your weaknesses.

            Reach out to those who share your concerns and will share their knowledge. If you feel your role is going to be the lone wolf patriot, that is OK. If you feel your going to be at your best with a two-man team, go with it. You may find getting a four-man team is what you want, then go ahead and do it.

            Words of advise. Don’t get hosed up with every detail from every manual on the internet. Take your resource is keep it simple and pull out what you want and work that resource into your SOP, and beyond all of this, keep it simple.

            Good Luck !


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              Note: This is not Max’s response/content. Just a glitch from the transition to subscription.

              Yes. I am for the most part preaching to the choir. However I have never been shy when sharing with the forum. In addition to the above I have been skillfully building the team for almost three years. I have discussed my SOP. Tactical comms, medical and S-IFAK, packs, weapons, standards with everyone. Hopefully some good will come from it. Sorry if I left something out.

              As stated before training and employing an eight an eight man team is work. Therefore the challenge is getting everyone involved and introducing things to keep it all fresh. My job is to make certain everyone gets along, everyone gets the chance to lead. And everyone is on the same page.


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