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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday events one of the deals I came across was the Surefire Sidekick.

        From Surefire:

        Ultra-Compact Variable-Output LED Flashlight

        Output / Runtime — White Light
        High 300 lumens / 1.25 hours*
        Med 60 lumens / 4 hours
        Low 5 lumens / 45 hours
        Length 2.5 inches
        Bezel Diameter 0.58 inches
        Weight 1.2 ounces
        Weight w/Batteries 2.0 ounces

        This ultra-compact, powerful LED illuminator was created so it could be carried and used by everyone. The rechargeable Sidekick was designed to attach to keys so it’s always available and, most importantly, ready for everyday use and emergencies. This polymer-bodied light features three levels of output that will provide security and peace of mind, no matter what. On high and operated just like a key FOB, its wide, smooth 300-lumen MaxVision Beam™ illuminates all dark areas at night, providing peace-of-mind navigation with a useful range well past 50 meters. Its medium- and low-output settings, 60 and 5 lumens respectively, offer much more runtime and more than enough light for reading, close-up work, or even navigating outdoors while preserving dark-adapted vision.

        Sidekick is ideal for everyone, even children, keeping in mind that the light output from a typical smartphone doesn’t offer one percent of the light output and it drains all-important smartphone battery power. This tiny, lightweight light, which can also be carried in a pocket or purse, is easily rechargeable via its micro-USB port using a vehicle or wall charger. Protect yourself and your family—own the one and only Sidekick—something everyone should have at their disposal.

        High-performance LED and special faceted reflector produce broad, smooth MaxVision Beam™ optimized for the human eye

        Easy click-type switch permits access to all 3 output levels with repeated presses

        Micro-USB charging port permits simple recharging of integral Li-ion battery

        Compact, lightweight polymer body is weather resistant; features split ring for easy attachment to keys or carabiner clips

        Always-accessible light provides countless utility uses, including emergency preparedness

        Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle One-Year Guarantee

        Available in Black, White, and Pink.

        Surefire makes great products, but you’ll pay for this quality, and I don’t have a problem when it’s something that my life may rely on.

        That said the original MSRP was $79.99 and at that price I wouldn’t have purchased it regardless of the Surefire label.

        I paid $19.95 on Cyber Monday and the current price at Surefire is $29.99 this is more in line with this type of product IMHO.

        So what’s it good for?

        It’s larger than most key fobs, but the relatively flat design works well for a pocket. The split ring can accommodate the included snap hook, lanyard, or attached to your keys. I like the snap hook as many of my pants have the attached ring and I have a belt loop with a snap hook for other pants.

        The 5 lumens low setting is sufficient for basic needs, the medium and high settings at 60 and 300 lumens will handle most industrial tasks better than all but tactical lights.

        It’s a general purpose beam, not a tightly focused one. In a pinch I wouldn’t think twice about using it if my primary light died though obviously not ideal for this.

        The micro-USB recharging point isn’t protected so while it’s water resistant its no dive light or extreme duty.

        There are accessories available and I am considering the Stainless Steel Pocket Clip.

        So far I believe this is a welcome addition to my utility EDC.

        Will update after more use or as needed.

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        First Sergeant

          I have been wondering how well these would do.

          Keep us informed.

          Signal Out, Can You Identify
          Je ne regrette rien
          In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            The default programming is low, med, and hi. This is my preferred option for a utility light.

            It can be changed to hi, med, and low when hooked to the charger.

            I did this inadvertently so after charging if you have a preference I would preflight it to assure it’s the way you expected.

            I have been wondering how well these would do.

            Keep us informed.

            I am happy with it so far, it’s really about long term function at this point.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              So it’s been around a month and I truly love this little light.

              It fills that utility light role perfectly and is so convenient to use.

              Here is a picture with my Taclite Pro pants and the ring I hook Sidekick on.

              This depicts the belt hook I use when no integrated ring is available.

              I typically don’t even take Sidekick off when using it, just point it where I need illumination.

              Here are a few pictures to give an idea of size of sidekick.

              This type of Surefire has been such a positive experience I am considering trying out the Surefire Stiletto. A 5/250/650 lumen EDC light.

              SureFire excerpt:

              Primary switch activates high, medium and low light output for a wide variety of tasks

              Tactical switch activates high output and an optional tactical strobe when white light is used as a fighting tool

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