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        I am cross-posting this from Culpeper Volunteers FB page, as part of the need to find a suitable training place:

        Training Update:
        The next Culpeper Volunteers training event is this Saturday 8 Feb. I will be sending out an email to those who are holding slots. It will be in the Quarry Range south of Culpeper. we are taking 16 students and a bunch of guys are down to help out as RSOs.
        It surprises me that I have to state this, but I am not holding these training days out of the goodness of my heart and from the want to give another Saturday to free training for no apparent reason. As I have started, the purpose is to train you to prepare you for self defense of family and community. Hence my email requesting response from those prepared to ‘stand up’ should the need arise – this is not a promise or threat of violence, but a simple request that all Americans should be able to answer. I have had a good response to that, by emailing me to
        We are going to have an issue as we get into spring and summer: between my commercial training commitments and the bookings at the Quarry Range, we are going to have problems scheduling further training as we move forward. I’m not going to do all the work on this guys, we all have to step up and take responsibility. I have already posted about the need for another venue, the key issue being parking. The Quarry is sizable enough, but simply booked up.
        We, as the Culpeper Volunteers group, have a need for a farm or other suitable area that we can use for shooting events. We have not found one yet. Also, what I am planning on doing, if we can get the place, is add Muster-style training events, initially for this small group, and then putting one out for a larger Virginia Muster in the spring. These are plans that I have but they require a place to do this.
        Somewhere with sufficient parking, somewhere with a backstop to shoot, no noise issues, and somewhere with a bit of space for training stands.
        I need to take the temperature of this group – are we mainly here for free training, or are we a team that is looking to grow as trained Patriots? I have posted before about the need to take responsibility and lead. I can simply back down and go back to my commercial training classes, and not worry about building team in Culpeper. I need you guys to step up and help me.
        For those who may have suitable land, I am fully insured via the NRA approved firearms instructors insurance. This covers me all over the US for training. The usual deal, as happens at the Quarry and elsewhere that I train, is attendees will also fill out a hold harmless for the landowner.

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