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        We are 5 weeks out from the annual Combat Leader Course (CLC). It’s hard for me to describe just how beneficial this class is. Bottom line, it is 7 full days of simulated combat operations, two missions per day, with a squad of 13 students against a force of volunteer OPFOR. This is probably the best class, overall, that we run at the VTC.

        We have several student spaces available. The class is running. Additional sign-ups make the difference in the size of the squad we run. Previous years we have run with the ideal number of 13.

        I have also been remiss in putting out a request for volunteer OPFOR. Please email me and let me know if you are interested. We need 6 overall. but we can take shifts depending on the time you have available.

        You will get your turn as a squad leader to plan, brief and rehearse your mission before going out and running it against the OPFOR. Let the chips fall where they may! There are many excellent lessons to learn from this class. Many of those lessons are learned in the after action debrief, which is one of the great advantages of Force on Force training – we can give you the freedom and then we can learn from the resulting mission, right and wrong.


        There are no prereqs for the class. The reason for this is that live fire safety is not an issue. This means you can show up with whatever your tactical experience is, and you will learn the TTPs as part of the squad through rehearsals and missions. The less experienced students are usually placed towards the end of the roster as squad leader to give them some time to assimilate.

        The class is now AirSim for Force on Force. We have had huge success going to AirSim from UTM and it has proved to be a far better training aid for simulating combat, particularly in the open woods. AirSim has better range than UTM, has a huge cost benefit to the $1 per round of UTM, and you can see the rounds fly, which allows you a chance to actually suppress a position, whereas students had no idea where UTM was going, which could result in failed assaults simply because they were unable to suppress positions. There appears to be an unfounded prejudice in some quarters (those that don;t know any better) against AirSim, with people associating it with airsoft games, whereas in fact it is a far superior SUT training aid than UTM ever was.

        This class has been described to me by attendees as hugely beneficial to a professional career due to the lessons learned in teamwork, leadership, communication, planning, and making decisions under pressure of simulated combat. We have one student coming for work as a professional training class (leadership / teamwork). If you are interested in this angle, email for more information.

        Squad preparing to leave on mission.

        If you are looking for a ‘CLC Lite’ class, we do have the 2 day ‘HEAT 3 Squad Tactics: Force on Force‘ coming up on July 20-21. This again is a no-prereq, AirSim Force on Force class.




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          Who is volunteering as OPFOR?

          Who is signing up to fill the remaining spaces?

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            Unfortunately thats my 5 day work week. I might be able to swap 2 or 3 days with someone on the opposite shift if yall need help with the OPFOR but i wont be able to make the entire week. Ill keep you updated if anything changes.

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              OPFOR is filtering in, we are at 2 for the week and a third made up of partials right now.

              We need to boost the actual student attendance.

              I don’t intend to sound pissy, but reality is that I assess classes based on demand. Yes, I’ve always stressed about filling this class due to the desire to fill all 13 student spots to make a better class for everyone. Yes, we can run a smaller squad, not ideal, but we still need at least 2 more to sign up to also make that ideal at a 9 man squad. Reality is that if I have to scramble, CLC will fall by the wayside and not be scheduled again (realty, not pissy statement, not a rant). It is our best class. It is also the best training out there, but if we have to scramble with demand, then it will go away.

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                We had a combination of guys collectively taking our OPFOR volunteers to 3 and looks like another student sign-up is pending. But it’s going pretty slow in terms of getting people signed up and at the numbers we have previously seen.

                I’m on my own at the end of a computer here guys, trying to get ready to run the awesome CLC for the third year in a row. So I don’t have Intel on who is thinking about doing what. If you are going to sign up, please let me know.

                The class is DEFINITELY ON. It’s just a matter of exactly how many OPFOR and Students we end up with. If we end up with 4 OPFOR and 9 Students, then that is a squad of 9 and there will be a couple more squad leader appointments to pass around. The class is designed so everyone in a squad of 13 gets to be squad leader.

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                  I’m still looking for a minimum of 2 students for the CLC course.

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                    It’s looking like we made the absolute mininum of 9 students for CLC. We still really want 13 total.

                    One of those students came across from OPFOR. We are now suffering for OPFOR. We need OPFOR Monday – Sunday. If you can spare a couple of days that week, we can make this work in shifts.

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                      Looks like we are up to 10 students now.

                      But lacking in OPFOR. Please step up for OPFOR.

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