Student paralyzed in FoF at Rockwell Tactical Class

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        The full details are at the link below (any number of news pieces on this).

        Seems Rockwell Tactical (a PA Company) rented a CQB facility to run some FoF training, using something like UTM or simunition (“firing chalk rounds”). Somehow, and I don’t know whether it was a long or a short, but live rounds entered the training and a student was shot in the neck, and is now paralyzed. That is an absolute nightmare, not only for the student and their family, but also for the training company.

        This is not the first time this has happened in FoF training, with a while back an instructor pulling a live handgun during a UTM drill and killing a housewife in the training.

        If you are using UTM bolts, this should not happen. If you are using AirSim like we do at MVT, this should not happen – but the reason it does happen, is that people are not checked for other weapons such as live handguns. This is why we go nuts with safety briefs and pre-training inspections of you and your gear – to make sure there is no chance anyone can be packing a live handgun (or knife) for FoF training. When we see AirSim handguns, we are doubly suspicious and make sure it is checked out as AirSim.

        So, you may think we are being anal, but I am sure you would rather that than get shot in the neck, right?

        Interestingly, looking at the Rockwell Tactical site, it gives the impression they are going to shut down after this incident – not taking on any new classes and only running those that they currently have on the books. There is a statement there that I take issue with, at the end where the classes will be run by “Jared, personally.” This to me is a clear statement that an AI is at fault and that this will be solved by the owner running the classes himself. It does not go well with the principle of taking responsibility as the leader. Or for Jocko fans, “extreme ownership.”

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          I would also have to take issue with the article characterizing the incident as “an accident.”

          Having been in multiple FonF since 1991, I have to throw the BS flag – this was negligence.

          On SWAT, EVERY firearm was checked by our armorer and you were only allowed to use a firearm that he gave you.

          At MVT, Max’s requirement that ONLY AirSoft rifles and handguns be used with double-checks has prevented said incidents. It is also the students responsibility to adhere only to the requirements and NOT sneak something in that has the potential to kill/maim.

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            EVERY student’s responsibility to check THEIR stuff and not be stupid.

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              I am intimately familiar with Rockwell Tactical, since they are local to me and I’ve trained extensively with them over the past couple of years. In fact, I took the same FoF course with them in the same location a couple of months back, and I can vouch for the rigorous safety procedures going in and out of the training area (including waiting area, staging area, “live scenario” area, etc.). Darin (the guy that was shot) was an active alumni and was a “role player” in this class (similar to OPFOR in our classes at MVT). Somehow he was shot by a class student. Now he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, with the huge impact this will bring to his whole family (including 2 little kids). It could have been me or any of us actively involved in regular training. There is a GoFund me page set up for the victim (who I knew personally) and thankfully the community here has risen to the occasion to support him and his family.

              I’ve had several conversations with people close to the situation (including Jared, instructors and “regulars”) but we don’t have any more information at this time, since this is an active police investigation. All I’ll say on the matter is the following:
              1. Jared and his organization have been top-notch to deal and train with. They will likely be affected by this in a huge way, and are facing a very uncertain future as a result.
              2. Someone screwed up here in a major way. Let’s wait for the facts come out and try to learn from it. Sometimes bad things happen to good people when they don’t deserve it.

              Just my 2 cents here. I’ll update this thread once more facts come out.

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                  ’ve trained extensively with them over the past couple of years

                  Wow. No words.

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                  I asked a guy who frequently trains with RTG. He was not at the event but he did hear about it. Since he was not there at the event he can’t claim it’s 100% factual.

                  Here’s the information I was told.

                  Class breaks for lunch.
                  Class rushes back from lunch.
                  1 Student took their CCW pistol to grab lunch.
                  Student rushes back from lunch and forgets to swap out CCW pistol for UTM pistol.

                  Jarred the owner of RTG was not at the class. He was out training with his unit. He is still active SF.

                  The incident occurred at Threat Assessment & Tactical Solutions in Stroudsburg PA.

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                    More intel on incident. The instructor working for Rockwell Tactical and in charge of the FoF training was Garry Marr. I do not know him personally. You can google his resume and YouTube. Basically he was a Navy welder and then worked at Tactical Reaponse for 17 months. From what I am hearing is, he left TR and stole the FoF curriculum and used it at Rockwell. Evidently he did not follow safety procedures in that curriculum. I know most here do not think highly of TR. However, at least in their FoF courses, they do follow protocols to prevent a live firearm from getting introduced into training. (You only use schools UTM weapons, instructors pat down students for weapons including knives, including after lunch). Basically this Garry Marr is a guy teaching tactics with ZERO experience or background. A tactical shyster. I might as well be instructing. The founder of Rockwell did have the bonafides, but he fucked up and hired a dumbass. Its on him.

                    Bottom line: you should ALWAYS only be instructed by a subject matter expert with real world experience. I am a firefighter. I would not even listen to another firefighter teach me how to fight fire unless he had real world experience on a nozzle. Why the fuck would you listen to guys like at Rockwell? Cuz he has a YouTube channel?

                    Fuck me. Rant over. Have a great day.

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                      Hello kitty: You should stop holding back so much and say what you’re really thinking. Gotta say, you’re spot on though.

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