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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        I was going to wait until I actually received it before posting, however Robert’s Thread about them raising prices got me thinking to go ahead and do a preliminary post.

        The price increase shouldn’t effect this as its a clearance sale item.

        Mk7 Battle Light

        Handheld or Integrated Shotgun Light
        MSRP was over $200, but we’re selling the last few in our inventory for $56.99.
        Get two or more for $45.00 each! Add to your cart, then use the discount code MK7 when you checkout.

        The compact, ergonomic design of this 350-lumen mini-light makes it the perfect tactical shotgun light. A shotgun end cap attaches directly into the magazine tube and replaces the factory spring cap.

        Weight 4.1 oz.
        Submersible to 3 meters
        Item No. 9075 – Remington 870/1100/1187
        Item No. 9076 – Mossberg 500
        Item No. 9077 – Beretta 1301
        Item No. 9078 – Benelli M4/Nova

        At 350 lumen it is really kinda old school, but Steiner makes really bulletproof products in my experience.

        For a shotgun that doesn’t have extended magazine tube or a SBS this seems like a bargain at this price point or even as a handheld backup.

        With extended magazine tubes it maybe a bit of a reach for activation with integrated push button switch and no remote option. However as we classify Shotguns as a niche item or backup this may still have value.

        The simplicity of design, mounting, and use seems strong and a Steiner product in th $50 range is exceptional in theory.

        I almost purchased a used one on eBay for $75 recently, glad I waited. ;-)

        No idea how long these will last, but thought it maybe if interest.

        Will post more when it arrives and a detailed review will follow.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          One thing about companies like Steiner, they don’t scrimp on packaging! ;-)

          It’s not a Pelican case, but way above average.

          Pictured below is the Remington 870/1100/1187 replacement endcap/adapter.

          Fit and finish is outstanding.

          Picture below is Mk7 mounted on a Remington 870.

          Will post more details once I’ve had a opportunity to run it through some drills.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            My impression is at this clearance price it is truly an outstanding WML with minor limitations.

            Time will tell, but Steiner’s products are generally long lasting.

            350 Lumens is sufficient for most shotgun uses.

            Center of beam is sufficiently close to POA/POI with Buckshot.

            Quality is second to none.

            Manipulation of on/off button is a bit of reach and could be a problem for those of smaller stature.

            On/off button has no momentary setting.

            350 Lumens is a bit old school by today’s standards.

            While it lacks a momentary function, by clicking light on them depressing button a second time and holding it down it replicates a momentary function turning off as soon as second depression is released. While not as intuitive as a momentary it works easily enough.

            With minimal familiarity it could function as a defensive/offensive WML though I think it’s best use would be for taking game animals at night where it’s legal.

            As a handheld light it is decent and easily works with the Harris technique or if you need a bright utility light.

            No flickering during shooting observed, though I only have around 25 standard OO Buck rounds through it using the Remington 870 vice my 1100. The 870’s recoil is much more intense so it’s a better test platform.

            It certainly isn’t the most high speed item I own, but it works. ;-)

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              :good: :good:

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