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        While many of us have heard, listened to, and watched Roland, the headless machine gunner –

        here is a documentary (Stanleyville, Congo, 1964) which has a LOT of the scenes that we see in the above video.

        I remember a comment an elderly gentleman told us growing up – “If you put just a pinch of dogshit in your brownies, they’re still dogshit brownies.” My take was the problem with “compromise” is you still have dogshit.

        For too long, we’ve “compromised” until there is very little left. Why do we insist on engaging in “logic” with illogical counterparts. Read the book, “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss (lead international hostage negotiator for the FBI). While my gut would love to tell people BFYTW, it doesn’t get me where I want. Voss asks 1 simple question in all of his negotiations – “How am I supposed to do that” OR “How would I do that?” forcing the other person to give some thought.

        Consider Robert’s post (147291) – “libs don’t play defense much, they just deflect and keep attacking.”

        There is a time for compromise and there is a time for none. All depends upon how you want your dogshit brownies.

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        Sitting Duck

          This is the full movie your clip came from. I strongly recommend it.

          It’s slow at first.

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