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        I’m willing to entertain the idea of putting together a 2-3 man team for some hard routine training and possible cooperative networking for when the event comes and the hammer drops. The potential candidate must be a thinking person but willing to commit to the theme/objective set forth within an Escape and Evasion team that’s depending on each other out in the wilderness. No special little snowflake minded individuals wanted. This person(s) must be open minded, use to physical activities of an extreme outdoors nature, willing to take advice and give it in an appropriate manner, not mind being wet-muddy-miserable and cold, be willing to go out into the wilderness with kit as scant as pocket kit and a trash bag- all the way up to a heavy laden Rucksack. Be willing to ass up as required- this includes the use of face paint and wearing appropriate outdoor kit of a subdues nature suited to the rural evader for training and planning. The candidate must be resourceful and able to execute forward thinking on their own w/o creating liability and blatant hazards for others. Common sense isn’t so common so anyone that has it is a plus in my book. With that being said, an understanding of the value of training and preparedness is paramount. EG of the wrong attitude: If you walk off to complete a task w/o your weapon and get angry when something is said to you about it, this potential team is not for you. Or If admitting you don’t know something or that you could be wrong is a problem for you then this potential team is not for you. I’m not looking for other ppls mental problems in a potential group. The candidate must be timely and dependable and willing to commit to @ least one weekend a month faithfully. If you commit to be there but somehow feel ball room dancing lessons or a hasty date night is more important, then this potential team is not for you..

        You do NOT have to be an athlete but reasonable physical conditioning is encouraged. However-Its your responsibility, so if you drop dead from a heart attack its on you. No lazy fat-assery or those wishing to turd around in the comfort of a camp site environment/setting while stuffing gourmet dehydrated meals down their neck will be tolerated. This isn’t about camping, hiking, backpacking, nature watching or hobby bushcrafting. The demented, malcontents, fantasy chasers and Back Yard Rambo types are not encourage. If you’re not sure if that’s you, ill sort you fast during our first meet, Ive heard it all..

        This potential team is not about gun fighting as a first priority. Its quite a mix of tasks, all equally as important as the next in the self supporting circle of preparing for Evasion Survival. I’m not looking for anyone that’s associate in anyway, with any form/faction of Alaska Militia or Anchorage Defense Forces…. Don’t jerk me off and waste my time.

        If you want to know what its all about- I post regularly on this forum and you can peruse my YT channel.

        My YT Channel

        or email me direct if you have any question, @

        A few other things:

        * You do not have to be in the military or even prior. I don’t care. IME this means little in the grand scale of survival. Simply put- it takes all sorts to make a team work.

        * You must have firearms capable of taking out large hungry predators in a rapid manner and be familiar with the use of said firearm. Also understand there are things out there that WILL try to kill you. Encountering wilderness OPFOR is a dependable regularity.

        * You must have transportation.

        * Must be 18 years or older and sign a disclaimer form because I’m not being responsible for anyone’s stupidity..

        * Male or Female, I don’t care. Just don’t be stupid or demented.

        * Live in South Central Alaska.

        * Understand that I’m willing to share my experience of operating in SCA to anyone with the open mind to take it in. But the potential candidate needs to understand this is drip fed through putting in the time. This is about baby steps and learning to run. This isn’t Tv. You’re not going to absorb my 9 years of experience in a few trips out and the same goes for any experience the potential members bring

        * This is never about race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender or political affiliation/posturing. Its also not about Patriotism or the Constitutionalist. Its about being dependable as a human and all that comes with that on a team.

        *I’m not looking for blood thirsty hunters or incompetent gun nuts that just wants to go out and kill under the banner of “survivalist” for the sake of doing it to bolster their lack of self worth.

        *The potential candidate must be willing to follow all rules and regulation set forth in any particular area, during any particular season, while out in Alaska public lands. And there are many..

        * I don’t hand out patches. They are earned.


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          If only I was there

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