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        Many times I hear people whine “All we have to do is return to the Constitution” as if the parchment has some magical qualities that will somehow make the tyranny go away.

        I’ve attached two PDFs for “educational purposes only” as to why we can’t just “go back to the Constitution.” Actually they are just the beginning of the rabbit hole.

        The first is how ALL ten planks of the communist manifesto has been implemented in the US. This dates from the 1990s so just imagine how they’ve solidified it since. To return to true liberty, all of this must be reversed.

        The second is the difference in the definitions of United States and united States. There is a difference.

        The united States is the Republic.

        Knowledge is power.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          The main problem with such knowledge is it doesn’t change current opinions.

          It just one of many in the long list of justifications.

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            Even so we have to keep chipping away at current opinions. Especially among the patriots. Most patriots think the government decided one day to stop paying attention to the constitution and over the years, here we are. The problem is SO much bigger than that.

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