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      Dark Knight

        Just found this on FB today. The article articulates valid concerns. Where will they stop? When will someone (legislatively or judicialy) stand up and say enough is enough and protect the second ammendment? And the fourth ammendment.

        Was I born a couple hundred years too late?

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          I’m pretty sure everyone who thinks about these things knew this was going to be the end result.

          1. Create a law that allows confiscation without real due process in a “narrow” scope of circimstances.

          2. Once the bill is passed, slowly expand the “narrow circumstances” to mean whatever the hell you want.

          3. Profit.

          I truly understand the “why” behind the intent of these laws, and I’m sympathetic. But there is a reason for the 4th Amendment and due process. Creating a populist workaround is still counter to the intent of the 4th.

          The real problem is who is going to be the first group to resist? Individually, it won’t matter. People will end up like Gary Willis in MD. Shooting the lone person who resisted will be held up as reason enough that year laws should be in place.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Roughly half of the population doesn’t believe in the so-called Bill of Rights. They believe the whole constitutional thing is a hindrance to progress.

            Most Local, State, and Federal governments are dysfunctional with significant, but varying levels of corruption.

            Voting is primarily a illusion to placate population and is riddled with significant fraud. Nothing beyond lip service has been done to correct this persistent problem.

            There is much talk of buying time to prepare, but who is benefiting most from this time?

            Those that seek Rightful Liberty or those who would enslave us?

            I’ve talked about such, but is it really about buying time?

            Or is it a convenient crutch to hide our cowardice?

            Someday an Event will push a response and I suspect it will be a surprise that few saw coming.

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              When will someone

              When will you?

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                “When will somebody do something?”

                Every time I think about this, I remember reading this book 15-20 years ago –

                In a nutshell, the author talks about how everybody’s “line in the sand” is in a different place, and what pushes one “Carl Drega” to “do something” will not push ANYBODY ELSE to do a damned thing. So the next “Carl Drega” (and the next, and the next) will be nothing but dead, demonized, and forgotten. Think Lavoy Finicum here.

                As long as the “powers that be” don’t step over too many peoples line in the sand all at the same time, they’re going to win eventually…. assuming some other “black swan” event doesn’t throw a grenade into the middle of the whole system.

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                  Back in the 90s I thought that it couldn’t get any worse under “ole Billybob”. There were black helicopters, train cars with shackles welded in them, and the “assault weapons” ban.

                  I look back from where we are now and think how naïve I was at the time. In the time between then and now it got orders of magnitude worse in terms of how technology has been used to tighten the grip of the police state on all our lives.

                  I tend to think now, after going down the “doomsday prepper” rabbit hole for 20 years, that there will be no “defining event”. I think the tyranny will just get worse incrementally until we find ourselves literally living on the edges of society. Like in some dystopian movie.

                  I hope I’m wrong, I really hope there is a defining event that galvanizes patriots into action, but I don’t see it for the reasons Shooter so eloquently stated above.

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                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                    …there will be no “defining event”.

                    We can’t escape the National debt, it’s just a matter of when. So if all else fails this will be the Event!

                    In fact the current threats by Fed to raise interest rates is a step in that direction. See the Thread Why the Fed can’t Raise Interest Rates? for more information. Of course if the Fed wants to choose a time for the collapse, it certainly has the tools to pick a date within a rough window of certainty.

                    One of many possible outcomes, so who knows!

                    After forty years of experience with this crap I understand the rollercoaster of emotions we experience over the decades, but though I plan for many things I still haven’t giving up. ;-)

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                      I’ve given a LOT of thought to the economic collapse scenario (I’ve read all of Rawles’ novels several times!) but I think that its not the Fed who will be responsible for the collapse. It will be the layer of elites above them. In the elite’s view, the old economic system has to be destroyed to make way for the new system. When the time is right, the old system will be discarded and the new implemented. I think the new system will encompass every human being on the planet. There will be nowhere to hide. Think of the Chinese “social credit” system writ large on the entire planet.

                      I won’t have any interest in being a part of the “new” system.

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