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        **Disclaimer-I am NOT a tactical expert, so anything tactical described here is likely to be completely wack- feel free to have a chuckle or two on me.
        However any tactical failings in this example can be referred to in the questions at the end, for further discussion.
        The intent of the background story portion is not to be super detailed or 100% perfectly realistic-there are some plot holes – it’s simply a background story to stimulate a discussion on a possible future situation.
        Also, this is in no way intentionally based on Max’s recent Taliban assault video post, having been written a couple days ago. Although it does happen to coincide nicely in some places….
        Alright, so enough CYA- Onward:

        It’s the end of the world as we know it….
        The S has HTF, and you’ve bugged out of your suburban home to your rural homestead with your family, friends and various extended family hoping to ride things out until things get back to normal. However, what reports you hear on the radio seem to suggest the situation is plummeting into all out chaos with large groups of roaming Cannibalistic San Franciscans beginning to form, so it seems you will be at the homestead for the foreseeable future.

        Your homestead is in a large clearing surrounded by varying thicknesses of woods, and consists of a main house with a small storage shed to one side, barn and accompanying fields, in the back, and a greenhouse, and a couple of open gardening areas near the front.
        You have regular comms with another likeminded group in your area, however you did not get the chance to coordinate much pre-event, and you are really to far away from each other to offer immediate mutual assistance, but they are in the general area.

        Being well rounded preppers, aside from homesteading skills, and the usual stock of “beans and bullets”, you’ve taken the time and effort to get a number of your personnel trained to be at least fairly tactically proficient. You’ve also taken steps to harden key points of your house.
        You have ten able bodied persons capable of daily or extended tactical operations, plus the others, most of whom are still fit enough to be pressed into an auxiliary static defense role if needed, aside from conducting day to day homesteading (yes, the tactical guys rotate into homesteading duties as well- no free rides).
        You’ve standardized your weaponry and gear, so for the purposes of this example you have a standard 5.56 AR pattern rifle and a Glock pattern handgun for each person residing at your homestead. You have also invested in decent communications equipment, basic night vision gear for half your able bodies, and a supply of other useful tactical items such as pen flares and commercial smoke grenades in a variety of useful colors.
        Your Uncle Sam, a Vietnam vet has enough expertise in demo to rig up a few improvised claymore style devices to enhance the perimeter defense, but these have not been emplaced yet as you have a very limited supply, and you hope the situation isn’t that bad yet.
        You also have two “Ranger” ATVs capable of carrying 6 people each plus gear, but these have been put aside for the time being for emergency use only due to limited supplies of gas.

        Given the deteriorating situation, aside from having dedicated persons on rotating watch 24/7, you have decided to step up your security to employ a regular perimeter and accompanying satellite patrol of 4 tactical guys each. With one team clearing the immediate perimeter woodline, and the other patrolling a bit behind them deeper in the woods, they can mutually support each other in case of any contact.

        You are managing to maintain a decent state of readiness and alertness, but after a few weeks of regular homesteading life and quiet patrols, things are inevitably settling into a routine.

        Another day dawns bright and early.
        The perimeter patrol is already starting out on their morning circuit, with the satellite on its way to follow them up. The rest of your personnel are getting about the days business tending to various household chores and gardening. Your remaining two tactical guys are in the back working in the barn.

        A short while after the satellite patrol leaves the house, you hear a few sporadic shots coming from the direction of the gardens, followed by someone screaming something unintelligible. Then all hell breaks loose. The house begins receiving a large amount of rapid fire from the adjacent woodline, followed by at least 15-20 hostiles breaking from cover and mass charging across the gardens straight for your front porch.

        Your assigned lookouts are luckily still relatively alert, and remain levelheaded enough to call the contact both verbally to others in the house, as well as over the radio. The house defenders grab their gear and rush to their assigned positions, while you call the perimeter patrol teams back to join the defense.

        But you have been taken by surprise and are on the back foot. Your house defenders shoot down the front rank of attackers a mere 25 yards from the front door, while the rest spread out among the gardens and greenhouse and continue skirmishing forward under continuing cover fire from their friends in the woodline.

        Fortunately, your satellite patrol is not far away, and despite some initial confused radio traffic with the house defenders, manages to work its way to the flank, catching the attackers in the garden in the open. Your perimeter patrol manages to run back just in time to join up with the satellite patrol and assault the enemy fire support positions in the woodline. Between them and your static defenders, you manage to break up the enemy attack enough to cause them to withdraw.

        You kill approximately twelve to fifteen of the attackers, most in the open gardens, a number of other wounded escaping during their withdrawal.
        A couple of your tactical guys and static defenders sustain minor wounds of varying degree, namely those indoors due to flying glass and debris.
        Of your people working in the garden areas, you lose one killed, and another shot in the back as they ran to the house.
        Two others are missing and it soon becomes apparent that they have been captured.

        What do you do now?

        What could you have done better to mitigate the chances of this happening?

        What could you do in the future to better prepare for and/or respond to a similar attack?

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          Two problems with your arrangement that come to mind without giving this deeper thought:

          Why two separate patrols? With only two “tactical guys” left back at the living area, that means you’ve basically committed the majority of your fighting strength to an activity that’s basically redundant. Better to send out one small patrol and have some sort of QRF on standby. Doesn’t mean just sitting around, they can accomplish other tasks, but should be ready to respond to the point of need at a moment’s notice.

          You have patrols, and a somewhat fortified building, but no Observation Posts or dedicated fighting positions outside of the building? You need mutually supporting defensive positions (away from the house and outbuildings) with overlapping sectors and Observation Posts as needed to cover any dead space from intervening terrain or vegetation. You can’t patrol constantly and you don’t want your patrols to be predictable as far as size, composition, time of departure and return, patrol area, etc., so you’ll need to be able to cover your AO by observation and fire when there are no patrols out.

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            I would agree with Chuck’s initial response…

            (Of course I would cause I don’t know shit)

            But seriously, I would think that unless you believed that there was an attack imminent, a 4 man fire team (two on the edge of the woods, two deeper in) would be enough for patrols, especially if it is a close patrol, just staying within your immediate perimeter. That would leave you 6 “tacticals” plus the remaining regulars back at the homestead for defense.

            If I were ever in such a situation, I think getting a high observation post of some sort, tree house, observation tower, would be a premium.

            Also, if you have an ample supply of pen flares, they would make nice trip wire alarms, and a couple of healthy young canines make a fantastic early warning system.

            As to your question, such a raiding party most likely would be a “roving” band. If there were such a group that had established a base of operation within your AO, hopefully that would have been revealed through your gathering intelligence, and far patrols. Of course if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t have been taken by surprise like that.

            Based on how they attacked, they are mostly untrained, undisciplined, and probably easily defeated in a tactical gun battle.

            If you know the terrain around you, you can reasonably deduce which direction they would head (most likely the path of least resistance based on their lack of training and organization) and base your plan around that.

            If I had ten able bodied, trained fighters, I would put the remaining residents in the most hardened place on the property with constant sentry overwatch by two of your best fighters, and the most able regulars.

            I would put two guys in each of the rangers and use the roads to head off the marauders most likely route of escape, and disable any vehicles they may find. Also, two two man teams “tracking” them through the woods, and two of your best fighters left back at the homestead to help with defense.

            Of course, when you find them, after finding out everything you can about them, you insure that they will never threaten you again by liberally ventilating every last one of them.

            And by the way, I love these kinds of posts. They force one to consider possibilities. I wish Max was still posting his scenarios.

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              Security is about layers. You need a fence and gates, warning signs, dogs, security lighting, trip wires, cameras, patrols, prepared fighting positions, elevated guard towers, communication both audio and visual.

              You need to have an SOP for “stand to” and what weapons to carry EVERYWHERE. Etc.

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