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        Got a question here. I have a Colt 6940, have used open sights on it for a while. Recently somebody gave me this scope in payment for some work I did for them:

        Its a good scope, made in USA and such. The one thing though is that its lowest power is 3X. Was thinking of getting one of these or something similar:×24-tactical-30mm-riflescope-109309.html

        Here in Wyoming, long shots are not uncommon, but for something within 50 yards or close, would the 3X be a problem? Was thinking of selling the 3-9 and getting the 1-4, that would cover both short and long. You guys out west, especially you guys that have trained in Idaho, whats your take on this? Should I stay with the 3-9 scope on my 6940 or go a different route? Of course, will need to save money for a new scope, but thats expected. Im open to any advice given. Thanks.

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          I’ll give my experience and two cents for what it’s worth. My go to war rifle is a Colt 6960 and my wife’s a 6920. I run the Leupold Mark 6 1-6x with the 5.56 CMR reticle. Found some ammo that flies that reticle perfect, now I’m solid out to 600 yards consistently. My wife runs the vortex strike Eagle 1-8x. She’s solid out to 500 consistently with that, only draw back is it’s a SFP scope. I’m assuming your AO is similar to mine in Idaho. Personally, the 3-9x doesn’t make much sense unless you’re going to shoot consistently from a bench or a bipod. I’d sell it and get a solid 1 to 4 or something similar. Again, just my opinion on the matter, This is what worked for me. Good luck.

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            A bunch of the guys out here in TX are using LPV scopes. I’ve got a Nightforce nx8 1-8 and I really like it. Reaching out to 500 yards plus is not a big deal and at 1x it is pretty similar to my aimpoint. I don’t think a 3-9 would be fast enough in a lot of situations.

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              Hey, thanks for the replies. Your guy’s opinions confirmed what I was thinking. Even looking through the scope at 3X, its still hard to pick out things fast at a closer distance. I will be selling the 3-9 and getting a 1-4. Thanks for the help.

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