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        This is an interesting video. Pre-deployment training for what looks like a non-infantry specific role – possible protection task for ISAF in Kabul, something like that etc.

        Some of what is going on will look familiar to MVT alumni – in particular if you have done HEAT 2 or Texas, with the casualty breaking contact – in our case from the ambush.

        IMO, they are not carrying nearly enough ammo. They are just wearing PCs with very light belt kits. It may be they have double pouches on the front of the PC’s, but it looks like a single row of 3 mags to me. Probably training for vehicle mounted operations, but you see the conducting extensive dismounted break contact drills, which need more ammo.

        Twice (one is first scene) you see them doing a center peel drill. If you want to do the center peel drill right, come to the Reconnaissance class. Here, they have changed the drill and thus messed it up. Why? There is a pause in fire as the have guys opposite sides firing and coming together before running back – thus the pause is until they clear the next two guys back. Center peel should be alternate, two guys firing at the front, staggered, but running back not together but separately, thus as you clear the guy behind you, he can fire, while the guy on the other side is already firing.

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