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        About a month ago I purchased the Strongman Sandbag from Rogue Fitness.

        They come in a variety of sizes. The smaller ones working great for conditioning and the larger ones for actually working atlas stone lifts without the risk of damaging anything as you would with a concrete atlas stone. I went on the light side with the 100lb size, with the intention of using it for general conditioning. The main reason I was looking into these in the first place was that I was tired of getting my face/ears roughed up by the seams on a standard fitness sandbag. In two separate instances, I nearly ripped my lower lip doing cleans and my ear doing shoulder transitions with a 100# regular handled fitness sandbag. These are just sewn 1000D cordura, with the only “exposed” seam being a flap covering the zipper, and Rogue intelligently ran soft piping around that flap. Another nice feature is that there is no need for inner filler bags- it has a roll down velcro closure built in.

        My initial impressions of this piece of fitness gear were great, but I wanted to wait until I had some time working with it before recommending it. I filled it with paving sand, with the logic being that the larger grit would have less dustiness (another complaint I had with my regular fitness sandbag filled with playsand). So far that’s held true. Also of note is that the sizing Rogue provides is the “max weight with sand”. If you use media of other density to fill it with, it’ll obviously weigh differently. I currently have my 100lb sized sandbag (smallest in the lineup) filled with about 70lbs and it can probably take 15-20 lbs more. Rogue states that the cordura will stretch a bit over time, and many users have reported not getting to the full advertised weight until it was well broken in. Keep in mind, there’s a “sweet spot” for how full a sandbag should be. You don’t want it to be totally full, so that it’s like a hard ball, you also don’t want it so empty that it’s super floppy. To a certain extent, it comes down to personal preference. The reason I bring this up is that careful consideration needs to go into how much you want it to weigh so that you buy the right size. As I mentioned on the general Sandbag post, 40-80lbs is a good range for conditioning purposes, dependent on your current athletic ability. Considering 100 lbs is the smallest size in the lineup, and you don’t want it too floppy, I would say you should be confident you can handle at least 50-60lbs. That brings me to the only downside I could think of, it’s not easy to change the weight of this sandbag. With regular fitness sandbags, they generally have multiple fillers, that enable you to relatively easily change weight. Since these have the filler built in, you will either be scooping out media or trying to make some tiny filler bags. Tiny filler bags might work but I envision it interfering with the dynamics of the sandbag in actual use. I find it way easier to just have a few sandbags (2 or 3), mostly from a time saving perspective, but that might not work for your situation.

        With all that said, I absolutely love this sandbag. I also think it’s a good value, having gotten my hands on quite a few different sandbags. Despite just being more or less a cordura ball, I find it more pleasant to use over the handled fitness sandbag. The seamlessness might appear trivial, but it’s a huge improvement, at least for me. I’ve done all the same movements with this strongman sandbag as I have with the fitness sandbag, it just makes you work a bit harder. What I mean by that is, without the handles, you have to have a bit more grip strength and use a bit more range of motion. For example, when picking it up off the ground you’re grabbing it more like an atlas stone, hands on the ground, in comparison to the handled fitness sandbag, which can be picked up by the handles, hands closer to barbell height. I’m generalizing here, but I think it has better translation to real life (IE “functional fitness”).

        If you don’t have a sandbag or have encountered some of the same problems I have with a regular fitness sandbag, I would recommend purchasing one of these.

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