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        This info just came across the wire worth taking a look

        Rifle Rated Ballistic Helmet Up-Armor | Defeats 7.62 — $249.00

        As most of you know this is something we have been working towards for a long long time. We appreciate the patience and are excited to finally offer this product!

        These Up-Armor Plates in conjunction with the HHV ATE ballistic helmet defeat the most common rifle rounds on the market to include 5.56 M855 62 gr. and 7.62X39 Russian MSC steel penetrating rounds at full velocities with minimal back face deformation.
        Price: $249


        Total tile weight: > 1 lb.
        Surface area: Total: 318.5 sq. cm
        Thickness: Roughly 6.22mm total, regardless of size.

        Performance (Lab reports published on the product page which were performed by NTS, a certified NIJ laboratory)

        7.62 X 39 M43 LS 123.7 gr. Russian MSC
        2410 ft/s Front Impact- No Penetration – 21.206 mm BTD
        5.56 X 45 M855 62 gr
        3156 ft/s Front Impact- No Penetration – 14.306 mm BTD

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          Wild Bill! The word on these guys is mixed. Yes, there is something of a ballistic pro involved, however their helmets are sorta infamous for some nasty back face deformation. So I’m not sure their applique armor would be worth the squeeze.

          It’s one of those deals where there is some NIJ testing involved, but on test samples only, not on all production runs. So it’s sorta of a gamble here. Chinese production, which means it may be good, eventually, but unknown at this time.

          I’d say wait and see how it pans out.

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          Robert Henry

            Looks like they copied Ops Core ballistic applique like brother Diz mentioned.

            Besides BFD like Diz mentioned, you can see issues with the little plastic shrouds on these not being even close to spec to fit NV rhino mounts. I bought two years ago to check out. One the shroud was too tight and a dozen Rhino arms wouldn’t fit in at all. The other was so damn sloppy on all the Rhino arms that it wasn’t able to be used.

            Some of the Gentex/Ops Core TBH IIIa helmet line isn’t much different in price, and you know you are getting something quality, made in America, etc. Lead time from them totally sucks, but this is why we plan ahead.


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              And on top of the issues Robert points out, one thing keeping these out of the mainstream is the issue of what happens after the bullet doesn’t kill you, i know it sucks being dead but everyone from ops core to 3m has struggled with keeping the impact and hopeful lack of penetration from scrambling the delicate contents of said skull that was just “saved” the difference in energy produced on target by bullets from a handgun and a rifle are just huge and that makes survival after a rated helmet stops a handgun round a whole different world compared to stopping a rifle round

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                All good points which had me wondering when it came in and I looked at the price as they say you get what you pay for.

                As to scrambled brains hadn’t thought to much about that but a really bad concussion still sounds better than a hole in the head. But yeah I can see you possibly, heck more than likely, being knocked unconscious if not being put in a coma.

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