Richmond on Lobby Day – Some Reminiscences

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        ‘Lobby Day’ in Richmond on the 20th is not the Lobby Day you know and love. You think you are going down to talk to your representatives. You probably won’t even get close. Estimates of 120,000 protesters showing up. This is an armed march, not a lobby day. If it goes wrong for any reason, most of you have no idea. Normalcy bias. You don’t have the experience to understand how bad these things can go. In the thesevideos below that I pulled from YouTube, most of the the protesters are not armed with firearms. There was always the chance of a shooter at one of these riots, hence sniper overwatch, but the rioters themselves were unarmed, save projectiles of course.

        I am reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and how things may go. Here is some footage from the past.

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          Imagine both sides armed with firearms and the will to fight.


          Zombie is an awesome song, done even better by Bad Wolves.

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