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        Does anyone have a 3rd or 4th line bag for resupply? Got the idea after watching a James Yeager video of putting all 1st line gear in a load out bag ready to go.
        I have a alice pack loaded as 2nd line gear if that’s the correct term. So that got me thinking about a longer term resupply option. Anyone else do this?
        2nd line ruck: sleep system, uniform, socks, hygiene, t shirt, poly top and bottom, vortex top and bottom, 3 M.R.E. mainstay bars, sleep mat, 2 quart, 1 quart, 6 mags, poncho, water filter, 2 pistol mags, entreching tool, fixed blade knife, extra I.F.A.K, weapons cleaning kit, 550 cord, batteries, and probably other stuff I forgot but you get the idea.
        Resupply bag: winter boots, intermediate boots, desert boots, socks, 2 uniforms, 3 t-shirts, fleece top and bottom, toiletries, batteries, medical, flashlight, winter shooters mittens, M.R.E., watch cap, belt, ball cap, wool liners, leather gloves, poly top and bottom, 6 rifle mags loaded, bug spray.
        Give me some input. Good idea, bad idea? Suggestions, criticism. Opinions.

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          That pretty much describes the giant bag that stays in the back of my truck. Ruck rides up front. In the lock box in the back are two cases MREs, can of 5.56, and some other stuff.

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            A Pre positioned cache , or a Pre loaded bag that is going to be Pre positioned. …

            If you’re moving it by truck,packhorse,toboggan … Then : yeah. The more the merrier. Better yet would be a series of houses , cabins and weatherproof storage with lots of stuff. No one is carrying a months worth of MREs (1 a day is 3 cases ) in an Alice pack.

            Even more than ammo , food is the big bulky heavy ” never enough ” item.

            It’s is where the idea of Preppers and Auxiliary becomes so important.

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              I get tired of keeping up with “Lines” of gear. To me it’s all just gear. It’s either my EDC gear, my fighting load, my ruck or a cache. As far as resupply goes, I carry a finite amount of ammo and spare mags in my ruck. I try to carry enough ammo (on strippers) to restock all my mags one time and enough food to last me 7 days. I have several Caches in my primary AO and one on the way to an alternate location. They are all standardized and have the common items I’d need to keep me going for a few more days, or to fully equip a trusted soul.

              I don’t consider a ruck as resupply, a Cache would do that. If you’re doing it right, your ruck should have all the gear and you would only need more of that if you lost it. Resupply would be replenishing your ruck with used items, or to augment your ability to sustain yourself. Some of my Caches are just supplies like ammo, food and batteries. I DO NOT use MRE’s for a cache food supply. Shelf life is too short for long term and too temp sensitive. I prefer freeze dried meals for both weight and shelf life. I could go on forever on why I prefer the freeze dried, but you get the point.

              I also have tactical Caches set up that have EVERYTHING I need in case I need to E&E out of an area without picking up my regular gear. It’s all in one of those high end heavy duty totes that you can lock with a cable lock. In those Caches I keep standardized gear to fully outfit a person to an acceptable level for a fight or to evade capture. Full load out: mil pattern rifle(5.56), fighting handgun(9mm), chest rig, ammo for 2 full loads on strippers, nav gear, drawers and socks, hat, gloves, IFAK, survival gear, tarp, jungle bag, Esbit emergency stove, stims, ranger candy, backpack and a bunch of other ancillary gear. I don’t buy high end stuff for these, just the basics. My group also has a basic crypto cypher we use, so I keep that in each tactical cache. Tactical Caches are in the custody of good people and they can use it if they need it.

              We used to have burner phones, but those are useless in most instances, and more of a detractor with the new technology available to the opposition. Some of the people targeted with drones in the land of the sand had their cell phones used as a targeting device for drone strikes.

              The resupply Caches have a cheapo folding blackhawk backpack in them in case you need it to carry gear and have an extra set of hands.

              If you want to learn about weight/calorie foods, get on lightweight backpacking sites and read the blogs of Appalachian trail hikers. They know how to get cheap, lightweight calories.

              I have a Cache about ready to deploy, I could pull it out of the trailer and do a full inventory if you like. Oh, and I do recommend utilizing any and all gear before you trust your life to it. Grab your gear and take a trip on it to an IDPA match or a carbine class and see how it holds up. If it works, keep it. If it fails now, fix it so it won’t fail again.

              Pic is my cheapo chest rig after being set up.

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