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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        ‘Bloodshed in the streets’? Cop suspended for defying lockdown orders


        Anderson says it is time for fellow law-enforcement officers to wake up.

        “You need to ask yourself one question, and that is, ‘Am I doing the right thing?'”

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

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            A voice crying in the wilderness…..

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            Sitting Duck

              “He’s trying to get fired but WHY?” Is the only impression his first video left with me. Not for what he said but there isn’t a backwater that doesn’t have social media rules about using their equipment, company time, uniform, or reveling details of security (he had a rifle and shotgun in the car).

              He’s getting embraced by the all but the most rabid cop haters.

              My guess is he is an informant/agent provocateur building credibility.

              Will he accept one of opportunities to go to another force? Probably not.

              My prediction; A tour as a speaker (to ‘give back’ to the people who have donated to his “go fund me”). He’ll possibly have a book. Then he’ll become involved with a firearms training company. Probably put up targets of police for students to shoot.

              Then everyone whoever has said anything that some FBI agent descended from Hoover can/will present as “Terrorism”, Officer Anderson turns state witness.

              A lot of cops will find themselves on the carpet and doing anything to save their pension to prove they will follow orders.

              Boog boys will be tripping over themselves to show off kit, organization to get the SF vet’s approval. Only to get red flagged.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                My guess is he is an informant/agent provocateur building credibility.

                Is it possible?

                Sure, but that much effort is not required to infiltrate such groups.

                Could be use this as springboard for financial gain?

                Yes, but who cares.

                I highly recommend “Rats!” Compiled by Claire Wolfe for those interested in vetting people.

                The link is to our Thread on the subject.

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                Sitting Duck

                  I agree Joe that it’s easy to get into groups but to get those with badges to expose themselves isn’t as easy.

                  The powers that be, expect the cops to do the work they are hired for not to join the opposition. Pesky oath or Pension?

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                    His message is spot on, lot’s of cops are being asked to do all the things we have always worried they would be asked to do as the gov continues to overreach and further infringe on our liberties. But if anyone (him most importantly) is surprised that he is going to be fired, then they are getting too caught up in the belief that as long as you have good intentions you can do anything you like. Because that is the exact flipside of his argument. Gov is trying to “do what’s best for us” and most think it’s went to far and breaks the rules, and just like his supervisor said in the article, every cop spends more time learning about social media policies than they do about firearms manipulation. So, he decided to film his first diatribe sitting in the cruiser, in front of all his toys (wearing his hat backwards because apparently that matches his plate carrier and sleeve tattoos better). I don’t know of an agency in America that is cool with its officers sitting in their cruisers in full (improper) uniform making political statements. He obviously has the right idea but seems more interested in the progression of his view count than he does with the liberties of his fellow citizens. I love the message, but totally naive to think that the way he did it would fly.

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                      I think the cop is a good dude but agreeing with the others here that posting a political video while in uniform would probably get you in trouble in any line of work, but especially law enforcement.

                      I hate to say it but the sad truth is that being a cop in the modern era probably means you’re going to be expected to violate civil liberties.

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