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        There is in the news about a vet being red flagged due to supposedly having a 30 round standard capacity mag.

        New York state

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Police: Putnam County standoff ends peacefully after 7-hour standoff

          Only thing beyond blog and forum posts I could find.

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            It is all over Instagram. He was doing live feed for a while. Some very conflicting reports for sure which I suppose is to be expected under the circumstances.

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              The comments (to Joe’s link) are telling…….

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                The difficulty in a situation like this is separating the truth from the chaff!

                Without having a trusted local contact makes that almost impossible, so we are left waiting for more information.

                Given the right of wrong circumstances; depending on point of view, I could believe almost any version of various stories being told.

                Media lying? That’s not a big stretch!

                LEO’s lying? See above. ;-) (depending on location)

                Instigators hyping various versions? :yes:

                Threatening to take child away? Has happened before!

                A kook making it up for attention? Also has happened before!

                So what’s the truth? :unsure:

                Given the nature of passing on information by word of mouth, consider the various stories that most likely spread on April 19, 1775! I wouldn’t be surprised if wholesale slaughter, town burned to the ground, and pillaging at Lexington Green was passed on to some.

                So if I was local I would do some recon myself, but I am not ready to drive from Florida to New York based on what is essentially gossip at this time.

                So those of us not local will need to wait for trusted information.

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                  I started a thread about this too but it was flagged as unlisted until approved by a moderator, had a few more sources in it, can you find it and merge it here Joe?

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                    Police in New York had/are having a standoff with an infantry vet with a red flag warrant.

                    Defendant claims he was red flagged by an Army “buddy” who claimed he had PTSD and that he was violent with weapons. Police claim it was over a previous domestic incident.

                    Saw a lot of folks citing this Twitter account, seems to have been in touch with the guy?:

                    Defendant put out a call for help, unofficial Twitter reports that activists jammed up local emergency lines, also that enough folks mobilized and traveled there from across the region that police rounded them up and started making arrests.

                    Seems like it’s over but folks on the Internet are claiming it’s ongoing and the police hacked the accounts to discourage any more folks from traveling up there to assist. Worth noting even if it winds up being false, expect similar fears over state hijacking of media accounts in the future, would be well within their capabilities.

                    UPDATED: Red Flag Called In Against Veteran In NY For 30rd Mags, And He’s Sharing Updates On Instagram


                    Not the greatest sources but it’s what I could dig up, so far unreported by MSM.

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                      I just saw this on the youtubes from Mr. Gunslinger. I guess the vet had a youtube channel
                      “Whisky Warrior 556”.

                      I found it disturbing how fast he describes social media scrubbing all information about the vet as well as anyone posting about it.

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                      Sitting Duck

                        NY has an very weak and disorganized 2A community. Many of the best people have voted with their feet and left. Good organizations have fractured or closed completely as divisions between people who want to “do something!” And the “wait for***XYZ” factions fight for direction.

                        Bootlickers in NY are overshadowed by deep throat and swallow praise for police even after getting SWATed. (Look up “Prepper Nurse 1” gush over the State police who came for him.)

                        The state is also fractured by distance and demographics. I can drive to the west side of Ohio before I could make it to the end of the state Whiskey was in. (And then there is another 4-5 hours drive to hit the end of Long island and 3+ to make the north border form Whiskey)

                        Besides non-compliance, support for buying your way around the law and grumbling, there has been no effort to actually fight the restrictions, legally or otherwise. There was a surge of NRA membership but the lack of action has resulted in a fatalism and sense that NY is being used to make money.

                        Initially there were a few people who tried to organize demonstrations. The “Shot heard around NY” done in the following April to the SAFE act put all the leadership into one on one interviews with the FBI, NYPD, NYS police and later the IRS. The ones I heard about ended up loosing their marriages. One had a private plane and got ramp checked and harassment until he quit flying.

                        I’m actually fearful even telling you about it.

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                          Seems like the current story coming out is that this was related to a prior domestic violence call from his old lady, according to those sources dude had also burglarized his ex in-laws’ place. Police didn’t claim any seized firearms or file weapons charges for illegal “assault magazines” which would make sense if he had previously surrendered his guns to law enforcement in relation to his case.

                          This begs the question of what should be done in these situations. If you wait for the smoke to clear you could have an upstanding citizen Ruby Ridged for no good reason, if you go too far you wind up defending and even risking jail time for every kind of weirdo on the Internet that tries to fight off the police by crying “Shall not be infringed!” and hoping the Boog Bois show up.

                          Just my thinking would be to organize a show of force to discourage any excesses from law enforcement, but avoid making public statements about the case specifics until the smoke clears. If media asks, “We are here because we are concerned (Person X)’s rights are being violated,” don’t go into any specifics on that case. Don’t take the word of the police by any means, but also don’t assume the defendant is honest, either.

                          Keep the focus on defending the right to bear arms itself rather than the particular person in their particular case. Even if the defendant winds up being a bullshitter you’ve gotten the message across without having to wipe off the shitstains.

                          Just my thoughts.

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                            I followed this pretty closely when it started. It was intersting to see how the story changed so much. In the aftermath, the prevailing “takeaways” of the gun community were,
                            1. Proof the threepers are all talk because no one showed up.
                            2. We need more information before making a move. The trex arms and Travis Haley fan boys are all about that one. Travis Haley actually made an IG video that basically said “red coats” were way different than “asshole cops” because they’re “red blooded Americans” (Side note, if anyone knows what that term means let me know. I apparently missed that in A&P and history class.)
                            3. Even if it is just someone shouting “wolf” we still need to bring attention to it and protect his or her rights.

                            My take away was that quite a few dudes showed up and rallied in a cemetary. Cops came and broke that up. To me, this stresses the point that we need our own groups in our location that we can rely on. Waiting for Intel is necessary for general trying to win wars. If we wait on information it could mean the death of innocent people. Also, where does this information come from? The media and police will always be biased. Legit information is going to be hard to get. Furthermore, social media silenced people trying to bring awareness to the issue and police jammed cell service in the area. Some people suggested ham radio but cops can limit that as well. Others suggested Bluetooth apps such as firechat. Apparently the residents of Hong Kong are using that decently well to communicate with each other. Idk the capabilities and limitations of Bluetooth though. Lastly, the fact that so many people were happy to convict the guy when the media and police gave a different story than him makes me feel as though those of us that have the liberty mindset are more alone than we realize.

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                                . Lastly, the fact that so many people were happy to convict the guy when the media and police gave a different story than him makes me feel as though those of us that have the liberty mindset are more alone than we realize.

                                Well, on that note, recall the original post from this forum that was taken, IIRC, from a police blog, regarding the fake raid and murder of the couple in Houston. It was damning and talked about white trash etc. Basically, it was an immediate attenpt to justify the raid and murders.

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                              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                I still don’t really know what the facts are relating to this incident. Admittedly I haven’t put any real effort in finding out something so far out of my area. The truth will get out eventually.

                                Numbers play a factor in these events. Consider five or more such incidents happening simultaneously in your area or perhaps daily raids, That would be a “Red Flag” (excuse the pun) in my view to react in some manner according to your plans.

                                I don’t expect or desire a group of strangers running to my siege situation, hypothetically speaking.

                                Consider the reality of how many people right now that could call you saying they were under attack that you would literally drop everything and make an armed response?

                                Would you really risk everything for a stranger without knowing the facts?

                                How many can you really call at zero dark thirty; tell them to bring a shovel, that would actually show up?

                                I’ve asked before (with poor results), if you can’t literally walk out the door at a moment’s notice then you are not ready for any hypothetical round up!

                                If the decent into tyranny continues people will be arrested or worse before strangers will have an opportunity to react, even if they are truly willing.

                                The hope is not to be in these first groups should it get that bad.

                                If caught flat rooted at home by a major force you’re down to surrender or die hard.


                                Would be nice, but is that your reality?

                                Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but truth and reality need to be rationally considered.

                                There’s a lot of talk online, but few are ready.

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                                Sitting Duck

                                  I’m not on Instagram. Didn’t hear about this until it was over. However reading the comments there appeared to be a more than a hint of agent provocateur activity. Then like everyone else, moved on.

                                  Then a 2A advocate (JW Walshington spelling?) put up a video of going to the scene and there was almost nothing going on. Couldn’t get jailhouse interview.

                                  There are signs the episode is being used for a ring analysis and fishing for “dangerous” people. True red flags getting issued for stupid Instagram posts.

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